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Political Corruption, the Bush-Pelosi Bailout, and the Soros Plan

The big-government ‘regulation’ of the mortgage market is a major cause of our current financial crisis. Problems which were known about nearly two-hundred years ago came back again. Bought-off Senators, such as Chris Dodd and Barack Obama, took the ideological easy route of pushing loans on people who could not pay them off, at the risk of a financial crisis such as we are now having.

The first President of the modern Democratic Party, Andrew Jackson, summarized the corrupt Bank of the United States as follows:

By the early 1830s, President Andrew Jackson had come to thoroughly dislike the Second Bank of the United States because of its fraud and corruption. Jackson then had an investigation done on the Bank which he said established “beyond question that this great and powerful institution had been actively engaged in attempting to influence the elections of the public officers by means of its money.” Although its charter was bound to run out in 1836, Jackson wanted to “kill” the Second Bank of the United States even earlier. Jackson is considered primarily responsible for its demise, seeing it as an instrument of political corruption and a threat to American liberties.[5] The head of the Second Bank during Jackson’s presidency was Nicholas Biddle who decided to seek an extension of the bank’s charter four years early, in 1832. Henry Clay helped to steer the bill through Congress. But Jackson vetoed the bill in July.

Now, because in part of Obama’s and Dodd’s actions, we are in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

There are two major approaches being discussed: first, give even more wealth and influence those incompetent investment banks which helped create this mess, or partially nationalize the banks.

Both approaches are ugly, but given the choice between rewarding the stockholders who helped create this mess, or punish them, I say punish.

I’ll take the Soros Plan over the Bush-Pelosi Bailout.

Network Politics, Part 3, 1GW / 4GW: George Soros

Note: This is a selection from Network Politics, a tdaxp series.


Let the Political Wars Begin,” by Richard Bond, Washington Times, 12 May 2005, http://www.washtimes.com/op-ed/20050511-085135-5927r.htm (Real Clear Politics).

Disclaimer: I generally admire George Soros. His Open Society Foundation and other groups have done real good in Georgia, Ukraine, and other countries. They continue peacefully organize people in Belarus, Uzbekistan, and other dictatorships. There’s a lot of conspiracy theories about Mr. Soros that are not true. Nonetheless, he is active political in the United States, and I believe his actions are explainable under Generational Network Struggle Theory and PISRR.

That said

Prolog: Two Separate Networks

The Soros Network (Sorosnet) is a fourth generation political movement dedicated to peacefully seizing the U.S. government and using executive, legislative, and judicial powers to enact its laws. Sorosnet is glued together through an ideological drive. At the same time, the Democrat Party (Demnet) is a first generation political movement dedicated to enacting the will of its leaders will building loyalty on a system of patrimony.

Sorosnet and Democrat Party: Two Separate Networks

Penetrate: Sorosnet Links With Demnet

The financial chieftains of the far-left of the Democratic Party met recently to discuss ways to win back the majority of American voters.

The elite group, comprised of several dozen millionaires, dubbed itself the “Phoenix Group,” and is led by billionaire George Soros. Details of the group’s deliberations were closely guarded, but reports indicate that the liberal financiers plan to fund multiple left-of-center groups in order to formulate a “new” party message.

This news ought to chill the hearts of loyal Democrats, in particular party moderates, in light of recent activity by one of the groups the millionaires have funded. Criticism of a centrist member of the Democratic leadership by MoveOn.org, recipient of $2.5 million from Mr. Soros in 2004, can be seen as the opening shot in an internal war that could cripple or even break apart the Democratic Party

Sorosnet supports MoveOn and related groups that surge into the Democrat primary and general elections. MoveOn support builds up preferred spokesmen like Michael Moore and tacitly endorses candidates that position themselves as radical (Howard Dead, Wes Clarke, etc.). Sorosnet penetration builds during the general election to all manner of propaganda

Sorosnet Peacefully Links With Demnet

Isolate: Sorosnet Attacks Hostile Democrat Nodes

MoveOn.org’s target was House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland, one of 73 Democrats who supported bankruptcy-reform legislation. Mr. Hoyer, a 25- year congressional veteran, was the target of a critical $100,000 radio campaign funded by MoveOn.org as punishment for his vote to reform bankruptcy laws.

Mr. Hoyer is not the only Democrat to incur MoveOn.org’s wrath. The group’s director recently attacked the centrist Democrat Leadership Council (DLC) founded by then-Arkansas governor Bill Clinton. The DLC’s leader fired back that Democrats should reject Michael Moore and the MoveOn.org crowd.

Combining the First and Second stages of Fourth Generation Politics, Sorosnet begins altering Demnet through node takedown and network contestment. Maintaining a fast tempo of operations, Sorosnet constantly gets inside the Demnet decision (“Observe-Orient-Decide-Act,” or “OODA”) loop. The goals of Isolation attacks are to highlight the power and attractiveness of Sorosnet, the weakness and decadence of Demnet, as well as gaining network power.

Sorosnet Targets Demnet Node
Attack Successful: Victim Node Now Isolated From Friends

Subvert: Sorosnet Infests Demnet

While Mr. Hoyer is impregnable politically, winning with 69 percent of the vote in his last election, the message MoveOn.org is sending is clear: Bipartisan cooperation is unacceptable.

It’s not just “sending a message” – it is altering the very nature of Demnet. Power increasingly flows from Sorosnet, and Sorosnet-linked nodes, to ideologically neutral nodes. In other words, ideological infiltrators are “hijacking” a relationship-based partisan institution to push ideological ends. Demnet now not only suffers Sorosnet fellow travelers and link attacks – parts of the regular command-and-control of the party now actively push the Sorosnet agenda. Like a chemical in the bloodstream, Sorosnet’s influence spreads through the party’s bloodlines.

Sorosnet Uses Network Power to Influence Neutral Demnet Nodes

Reorient: Sorosnet Creates A New Reality

This is an objective of Sorosnet — it hasn’t happened yet. Sorosnet’s future worth creating is a Democrat Party that is commanded by Sorosnet nodes for Sorosnet purposes. Reorienting means that the party now accepts Sorosnet hegemony. However, the party is still in a transitional state, as most personal relationships pre-date Sorosnet system administration.

Goal: Sorosnet Runs Demnet

Reharmonize: We Are All Sorosnetizens Now

The final intra-party objective of The Soros Network: full Democrat acceptance of Sorosnet. Sorosnet ideology and nodes control all aspects of the party, and no intra-party opposition remains. In other words, a situation similar to the present Republican Party under the Social-Conservative/Pro-Market/Pro-Globalization regime.

Goal: Sorosnet Is Demnet

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