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Catholicgauze Hacks Google Earth!

Using KML2Shp, Forestry GIS, and Paint.net, Catholicgauze adds the Oregon Trail to Google Earth:

CG’s Oregon Trail on Google Earth

As he writes:

This is one way Catholicgauze has discovered to made “professional” looking maps. If you have your own way feel free to comment and share!

As part of my efforts to eventually get my writings on the Oregon Trail published I have been creating maps. However, as a poor person most cartographic programs are beyond my reached. However, by scouring the internet I have found a way to make maps for free. All one needs is a little time and several easy to use freeware programs.

Read the whole thing.

A.8 Mapper in Use

Note: This is an excerpt from a draft of my thesis, A Computer Model of National Behavior. The introduction and table of contents are also available

A.8 Mapper in Use

The following is a screenshot showing in use from May 26, 2004. The image shows the page output from Mapper in the Firefox web browser. The screenshot was taken and cropped with the GIMP. The map (green and red lines) was generated by MapMaker, a helper application for this thesis. The algorithm for determining the shape of the places is courtesy David Norman


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