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Bypassing the Great Firewall

My appreciation to Brendan (of I Hate Linux) and Aaron (formerly of groundrocket, this blog’s original home) for their help in allowing to see the outside world. While less of the internet is censored than before (I can read the New York Times, Wikipedia, etc.) most major blog services are censored, as well as some nonpolitical but calming sites (why does China filter LOST podcasts? Why???)

Brendan and Aaron are using quite different technologies to give me freedom, and they complement each other very well. Between a Putty proxy and Windows Home Server, I have all the techy liberty I need!


I thought of added these to my delicious page, but the fact articles by the following bloggers (that I want to comment on, dogonit!) are unavailable to me demands a full post:

Need more tdaxp, but without the reactions on China? Then visit del.icio.us/tdaxp.

Google: Good and Bad

The good: The Great Firewall of China is blogging blogspot and livejournal currently — thanks Cisco and Nortel! Fortunately, google reader is still up and running, so I can still follow all of my favorite blogs.

The bad: Unfortunately, google’s attempt to track its users is reducing its functionality as a quick search engine. For instance, if I google “great firewall of china tdaxp,” the first result appears to be to http://www.tdaxp.com/tag/great+firewall+of+china but is actually to http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&ct=res&cd=1&url=http%3A%2F…. So to copy a url, right-clicking on the result is not good enough — I need to follow it to its source.