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Hate Crimes

Final vote results for roll call 298, from South Dakota Politics and South Dakota War College.

The best argument in favor of Hate Crimes legislations is that Hate Crimes Laws are actually Anti-Terrorist Laws. Terrorists, such as today’s al Qaeda and yesterday’s Ku Klux Klan kill people for the same reason that politicans pass laws: to get things done. al Qaeda wants America out of the mid-east, just as the Klan wanted America out of the south-east. This subverts the political process.

Hate violence is political violence. When a black or homosexual is murdered for being in the wrong neighborhood, this killing is done by those who wish to answer the political question, “who should live in our neighborhood?“, through violence. However, if that same person was killed by his boyfriend in a quarrel, such would be a murder among murders. In the same way, if a PLO suicide bomber kills an Israeli, the world properly calls it terror and vows to pursue the terrorist to the ends of the earth. But, if that same Israeli was killed by her boyfriend, the world calls it “crime” and expects the police to handle it in the normal procedure. For that matter, the hateful political violence of 9/11, which killed almost three-thousand Americans, is considered much more serious than vitamin deficiency, which may easily top that number.

Hate crimes are attempts to subvert the political system, while regular crimes are attempt to subvert the justice system. When a man kills a friend, he attempts to go around the law-courts in a “he done me wrong” manner. He has no larger goals, and is thus merely a law-and-order threat for the country. However, when a man killers another out of hate, he attempts to go around the Congress and legislature. He is killing for a reason.

Thus, my Representative’s (Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-SD) vote against hate crimes protections for veterans and soldiers is sickening. If I gave her and Nancy Pelosi intellectual credit, I would say that are more interested in protecting their supporters from terrorist violence than they are in reducing terrorism. However, I don’t give them credit. The Democratic-Party Congress has been a disaster. Vote Republican.

Herseth, Republican Hacker?

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Tom Daschle
Ex-Senator, Wanted Fugitive, and Computer Crime Victim?

The news broke.. did Representative Herseth (D-SD) unleash a virus against Senator Daschle (D-SD)?

Herseth instructed Cari to initiate a complicated computer subterfuge on the Daschle Voter ID program. Using a cryptic formula developed by a Cari staffer – the Herseth campaign downloaded a “virus” into the South Dakota Democratic voter turnout program that “masked” Thune/Herseth voters as Daschle/Herseth voters.

CCK was very dubirous

Before I go further, readers of this site need to understand I worked for Senator Daschle during the 2004 campaign. In fact, I managed the computer program that is being discussed. I knew exactly how many Daschle IDs were on that file from hour to hour as results from the field were being data entered into the system. The field staff, who had responsibility for a given area or county, were well aware of how many voters they had ID’d as Daschle supporters — they had to because they were responsible for reporting their numbers nightly. We took this very seriously — to the extreme. Accountability was the mantra of the field program. Add to this the fact the organizers were always running new lists, calling and knocking their voters every night. We talked to voters so much, the organizers literally had personal relationships with them — if a block of voters suddenly shifted allegiences, it would not have gone unnoticed.

With that said, there were constant checks in place on the data itself. Server logs were reviewed daily — sometimes spending up hours tracking down suspicious activity, and talking to the users in question when necessary. When something looked out of place, we reconstructed the situation and were able to verify that nothing out of the ordinary was happening. The scrutiny placed on activity increased exponentially as Election Day neared.

The bottom line here is that what some are saying is simply not true. If what is being written were true, there would have been a sudden “jump” in the number of ID’d Daschle supporters on the voter file — this never happened. It would have raised eyebrows late in the campaign for a myriad of reasons. The field staff would have asked questions about why it had happened because of their obsession with their own numbers and meeting their goal. When management looked at their daily reports, they would have noticed the shift right away; and everyone one would have been skeptical because we knew what our capacity for IDing new supporters was.

The Silent Pain of Political Computer Crime?

as was I

The comments about a “virus” definitely are suspicious. Similar to claims about “hacking” in Congressional computers. Probably someone did something, and they are describing it with a a scary-sounding, tangentially related, but incorrect word to an ignorant public.

Now, instead of “virus,” it’s called “masking” — but what does that mean??

Washington D.C. sources close to DCCC Mastermind Peter Cari – confirm that Rep. Stephanie Herseth (D-SD) personally approved the computer software “masking” program that allowed resources dedicated to the re-election of former Majority Leader Thomas A. Daschle (D-SD) to turn out Thune/Herseth voters.

In the rising storm of controversy – sources say Herseth was stinging from her experience in 2002 where operatives running Sen. Tim Johnson’s (D-SD) GOTV turned out scores of Johnson/Janklow voters. Herseth vowed this would never happen again.

Herseth feud with Daschle goes back…

Another insider says that Herseth was angry in 2002 when the Johnson campaign, run by the same folks who ran the 2004 Daschle campaign, refused to get out Herseth/Thune voters in order to save Johnson’s hide by 500 votes. Perhaps this time, Herseth wasn’t taking any chances.

Possibly because Herseth is a Republican?

Stephanie Herseth, National Rifle Association Endorsee

Stephanie Herseth voted “Yea” on the bill staying the death of Terry Schiavo.

Update: More on South Dakota Politics. Now it’s a virus masking uploading with a cryptic tag

In addition, we also have a Thune-Daschle-undecided ID for each of those 20,000 people (who are either supportive of Stephanie or undecided). DCCC apparently sold to the Daschle campaign the positive Daschle IDs. But, our data also includes approximately 7,000 probable ticket-splitters (Thune-Herseth). We have not shared this data with the Daschle campaign. My puzzle is to figure out how to utilize those 7,000 ticket-splitters without sharing them with the Daschle campaign. I may upload them onto the Daschle database – but with a cryptic tag.

If that isn’t Right…

The Death of HB 1191,” by Eleanor J. Bader, Z Magazine, http://zmagsite.zmag.org/May2004/bader0504.html, May 2004.

Kranz,” by Chad. M. Shuldt, Clean Cut Kid, http://www.cleancutkid.com/index.php?id=148, 16 January 2005.

Clean Cut Kid read the same Sfal article on the collapse of the South Dakota Democratic Party and Herseth’s shift to the right, but he caught something I did not.

The legislator who accused Stephanie Herseth for “moving” to the right voted to end abortion. Period. No qualifiers. This is further than I would go.

For an idea of the text….

Thelma Underberg, executive director of the state’s NARAL chapter, was shocked by the callousness of the rhetoric and the frenzy that accompanied the bill’s introduction. “One woman who got up to speak said that she understood that rape was traumatic, but that she could not help but think it would be therapeutic for the woman to give birth to new life,” she reports. After debating this issue, Underberg says that lawmakers voted against including a rape or incest exception. They also voted down a provision to allow abortion in cases of fetal deformity. Legislators did, however, toss a sop at ambivalent, would-be allies, and agreed to allow abortion in cases of life or health endangerment.

Eventually, the Governor vetoed it because he felt it might inadvertantly make some abortions legal while it was being challenged. Rounds’ “style and form” veto only survived by one vote.

I want to thank Chad for bringing this to my attention. It shows what consequences Daschle’s unprincipled support of the most murderous abortions have wrought: a countermovement that will be extreme in the opposite direction.

Democrats, especially blue-state Democrats, need to realize this. Those who support abortion in all cases will end up ending abortion in all cases. This is not a battle that Democrats can win.