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Chinese Impressions of the Clinton trip to North Korea

For context, China Smack is a website that specializes in translating typical forum posts from Chinese into English.  These are not the views of discontents or intellectuals, but of the same community that is primarily interested in human-issues topics such as a girl pleading for love outside a college dorm, humorous internet memes, Michael Jackson, and other popular stories.


From ChinaSmack:


What is America? America is a country formed by a big bunch of the world’s oppressed and bullied people who joined together.


If you were an employee, would you follow a cowardly boss that makes you slave away but when something happens only knows how to hide in the back and scream a few times? Or would you follow a boss that only asks you to work according to his instructions and, when something happens, will help you deal with the problem when something happens?


First you need to understand something, America’s government puts the interests of the American people first.
China’s government puts the interests of China’s Communist Party first.
This is a fundamental difference.
As for Iraq, Africa, Afghanistan? What business is it of mine?!?!


I do not understand politcs, but I too am “very happy”.


Seeing one’s own past president suddenly appearing before you in a hopeless situation, who could accurately describe this feeling?


You will never have the opportunity to understand [that feeling], because this is China, so if you were abducted by someone, I doubt no high-ranking/important person would come get you.


Not giving up any citizen, even if they are soldiers who have died in battle in a faraway land are brought home regardless of cost. Great America!!!

Of course, not all believe the news at face value:


The feeling I have is that these two people may be important spies, otherwise, just using your brain a little and you would know, why would they make a big fuss over two journalists?

There were similar reactions after the U.S. Navy saved the first captain abducted by pirates in 200 years.