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The Iraq War is about Feedback more than Revenge or Justice

OD, a new tdaxp commentator on loan from Castle Argghhh!, has been contributing to the discussion on the thousand-year implication of the Iraq War. Among many good points, though, he makes a simple but understandable mistake:

You suggest that imposing a grim fate on Iraq’s Sunnis is just revenge, because Sunnis attacked New York on 911.

Certainly the Iraq War was good and just, but saying the Iraq War was revenge for 9/11 against the Sunni Arabs is like saying that leukemia is revenge for dizziness against cancer cells.

Rather, the Iraq War is directed feedback against the Sunni Arab world — both the tribal states that do nothing and the National-Secularist states that destroy Arab civilization.

A certain amount of “noise” — murders, ethnic cleansings, genocides, and the like — are to be expected from any part of the non-integrating Gap. Generally we care nothing for this, as such tragedies are symptoms of life outside the Core. Thus AIDS ravages Africa, women are honored-killed in Muslim lands,

9/11 — because it was directed against citizens, of the Core, in the Core, on a massive scale — was not just noise. It was an unacceptable breach of the quarantine the civilized world puts on the barbarians. The immediate task was to prevent the same stateless network that conducted the attacks, al Qaeda, of doing so again. Thus the Afghan War. But far more important was perturbing the Sunni Arab system to change We do this by overloading the Sunni Arabs — sending as much feedback to them as possible.

The Iraq War accomplished this goal in several ways. Among others:

  • The world-historic shift of Baghdad from a center to Sunni to Shiite civilization
  • The great feelings of humiliation — that is, collective weakness — such engenders among Sunni Arabs
  • The great feelings of betrayal — that is, the inability of Sunni Arab governments to forestall such humiliation — such engenders among Sunni Arabs
  • The great feelings of worthlessness — that is, the inability of Sunni Arab governments to reverse the betrayal — such engenders among Sunni Arabs

The Iraq War had many other benefits besides, and those should not be minimized, but feedback is the essential part of the conflict. The humiliation, betrayal, and worthlessness throughout that part of the world is the appropriate response for 9/11 — not just about of justice (though of course it is) and not just out of revenge (though of course it is) — but through the hope of change those tidings bring.