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Liberals v. Science

Science is unpopular. Many, especially among the uneducated branches of the religious right, reject evolution.

It is equally unpopular among many liberals, who reject what science says about sex differences.

As educated liberals have much more influence over the formation of national policy than uneducated religionists, I’m more concerned about liberals.

For instance, yet another study came out showing, once again, that males have a much greater variance in math achievement than females. That is, female scores tend to bunch together near the mean, while male scales are more likely to be way up or way down. While this leaves the average unchanged, it implies both more math PhDs and more special education students will be males. More of the typical ‘good students’ (but not overachievers) that teachers like are females.


Unsurprisingly, the New York Times reports the study as finding no sex differences. Other liberal publications, such as the Los Angeles Times, Scientific American, and The Chronicle of Higher Education toe the party line. This would be like a Jack Chick pamphlet describing modern biology as reporting no evidence for evolution.

Fortunately, the Wall Street Journal (owned by Rupert Murdoch, who supports science) gets it right.

Thanks to gnxp, Marginal Revolution, and Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science for helping to uncover this story.

Earth to Liberals…

“Earth to Liberals,” a tdaxp Special Report by “Aaron”

Aaron is a Noted Beacon on Non-Partisan Sanity

Bush’s plan is working perfectly. His Iraq strategy is so brilliant I would say it’s flawless… It’s just not the plan he advertises.

As Barnett has quoted, “The boys are never coming home.”

I was recently reflecting on the price of security. I was thinking about all the ridiculous warnings and the Terror Alert System. I was thinking about the constant cloud of fear that the Bush Administration keeps in the air to keep people in line. About threatening to veto an Anti-Torture amendment with a straight face. I thought, “How can we possibly stand by and allow this Administration to be so openly evil?” It then occurred to me that the evil they perpetrate is far worse than that which is plainly visible to us on a day to day basis.

George W. Bush really is keeping us safe from terrorists. After my epiphany, it’s really the first time I’ve agreed with that sentiment, and it’s chilling. “How?” dear reader? Stay with me, it all comes together.

We’re waging a war of ideas. Ward Churchill may not be a popular figure, but he’s not far from correct. In this case, we’re pushing a globalization agenda that a regressively conservative Middle East doesn’t want for our own economic benefit. Not much different than the Nazi economic machine oiling their gears and creating new jobs with the blood of innocents. To the Middle Easterner with nothing slowly losing his identity in an “Americanized” world, he may as well be the persecuted Jew. His religion is being torn apart by Westernized ideas, and as we’ve seen in the backward South and the parish halls of the hypocrite Evangelists, religion is all you need. Let the Lord be your Shepherd, you shall not want… Nor think, nor accept, nor forgive. With a nod toward Friedman and not the now-foolish looking deists of yesterday, the Flat Earth is falling down around the Mohamedan’s ears. There is now only desolation and despair for the Fundamentalist Middle Easterner. He can fight the Great Satan, or be destroyed by it… And this slumbering giant needs no provocation to awaken. We have been rolling over countless cultures and faiths in our sleepy pursuit of another dollar, another cheap oil field, another sweatshop, another diamond mine.

We’re so caught up in our American way of life, we do not consider those we are destroying… But like the poor souls in the Towers, I have to admit, it’s not our fault. We’ve been raised to believe it’s manifest destiny. We ran out of West, young man, so now we’re going back East… Middle East. I’m no socialist. I’m no bleeding heart. Our way of life, minus the recent “progress” of the Right, is ideal. Yes, there will always be poor. Yes, there will always be famine. Yes, there will always be disease. There is no utopia, religious or social. We cannot strive to be any better than we were in 1998. We can make our uber-rich a few more dollars, we can defer the tax man for investments and the other workless gains of the wealthy. Or we can give away all the wealthy’s money to the poor, but we won’t be in any better position. We’ll just have more people unwilling to work for their own betterment. Yes, there’s a little libertarian in me… But not much. And it’s fading fast.

There is and always will be a war of ideas… And here is where Bush’s plan lies… This is a war which must be fought. We will no sooner give up our Starbuck’s and SUVs than Achmed will give up Allah, the burkha, or the notion of sovereignty. Bush is keeping us safe from terrorists by sacrificing the lives of American boys and girls, predominantly poor, predominantly black, and predominantly deserving of much better. They are making a sacrifice the right-wing bloggers, the aging Senators, and the distainful religious warriors w/o arms refuse to do. He has put us into a quagmire in Iraq to protect us from assaults at home. The borders of Iraq overflow with Muslim extremists looking to blow themselves up in crowds of children and American soldiers… And every time one does, there is one less A-Rab to blow himself up in an American metropolitan financial center. Bush has gotten us into war with Germany so we will not have to fight Hitler at home. If he can install a weakling democracy in Iraq, it will no doubt follow the careful guidance of its American handlers, much as the clueless President does now. They will globalize, they will privatize, they will de-socialize… Their citizens will be all that much better off for it, but they will be all that much worse off for it. They will have Nike and McDonald’s, but they will be the envy and enemy of their Muslim brothers… The carrot of wealth and happiness will lead Iraq into a period of economic growth it has never known… And its citizens will embrace it wholeheartedly. And in doing so, earn the enmity of every fundamentalist nation in the Middle East.

Bush is making Iraq our whipping boy. The culture war can take place between the Kurds, the Turks, the Iranians, the Sunni and the Shi’ite. The terrorists need not come to the borders of America to fight capitalism and Westernization. They can do it on the streets of Baghdad. In the shopping malls and soon-constructed banks and financial centers. On the Iraqi stock exchange, eventually. We are not installing a democracy. We are not giving them freedom. We are turning former brothers against each other so we need not bear the brunt of the economically and socially disadvantaged’s hatred of the West.

We are in a quagmire in Iraq, one Bush has no intention of withdrawing from, now or ever. As long as he can keep the terrorists at each others’ throats via their moneypurses and their ideals, he can keep America safe and continue to push his own regressive religious agenda at home… And as long as the proof is in the pudding, and there are no terrorist attacks in America, he can keep pointing out his success, and people will continue to vote for him and his ilk.