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The Ming Tombs: Shisanling Reservoir

How often do you get to go to a lake known as the Thirteen Tombs (Shisanling)? As the Minb Tombs are known as the Thirteen Tombs in Chinese, that’s where we ended our great day at the Tombs of the Ming:

The drive from Dingling to Shisanling Resevoir was short, and very pretty. The ground was shockingly green and the sky was unexpectedly (for a place near Beijing) blue.

Unfortunately we couldn’t to the nifty restaurant on the other side, either by road or ropeline, because the dam is being renovated for the 2008 Olympics. But the view was beautiful nonetheless

The reservoir, which provides water for the city, was constructed in 1958 by nearly a half-million workers.

Unrelatedly, the water was quite cold. I was splashed while taking this picture:


The Ming Tombs, a tdaxp travelogue.
1. Drive
2. Spirit Way and Dingling
3. Shisanling Reservoir