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Elizabeth Burleson on Hydraulic Fracturing, Natural Gas

Professor Elizabeth Burleson has been incredibly kind to my family and myself over the past few years. There are very few people who have influenced my life more. As such I was delighted to see her interview on Bloomberg TV on the subject of natural gas ‘fracking

The video runs 16 minutes, and shows her discussin the interview with Spencer Mazyck. What’s interesting is that both Elizabeth and Spencer have legal background, and as such this is different from the technical or strategic focus of most of those who are interested in natural gas hydraulic fracturing.

Must be a disinformation op by the Cold War Lobby

Rusisa’s hardly a “Cold War” threat — indeed, people who talk in this way tend to come across as hysterical. Rather, it’s a counttry about as powerful as Portugal which attempts to use the wealth it digs up from the ground to alter the foreign policy of our friends in the core of the Old Core, New Core, and Gap

While plummeting oil and natural gas prices are doing a job at containing Russia, we should not be lulled by the low prices into relying more on these hydrocarbons. Rather, the United States, Europe, India, China, and Japan should work together at developing alternative energy sources, and take away Russia’s ability to cause trouble.