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The Financial Crisis, or, The Power of Nightmares

With a word-change here and there, and of course different visuals, BBC’s The Power of Nightmares works remarkably well for the current Financial Crisis.

Of course, a nightmare can manifest itself in reality. It is possible that the cries of Wall Street of Money, the cries of the Administration for Trust, and the cries of Congress for Power are well founded and not just a reflection of their perpetual desire for money, trust, and power.

We’re not given logical arguments for why such a thing might be true, other than vague arm waving, secret documents we can’t access, and the deeply held beliefs of truly incompetent people. Then again, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Crossing the River Valley, Apes from Deep Caves

I had a very vivid nightmare last night.

I was crossing a river valley that was obviously the Jim‘s (some distance south-east of Old Elm Colony) on foot. It was about 4 in the afternoon. The road went some ways out of the way, so I chose to follow a dirt path that was more direct. The path went to a narrow, rocky part of the river where I could ford, at the cost of getting my feet wet.

I heard childrne’s voices while walking over the water.

On the other side I saw that the dirt footpath went into a factory-like building, and the earth was steep around it, so I either had to enter to go through or turn back. I looked back, and the sun was setting. It was around 5 or 6. I entered. I felt I shouldn’t be in the building, and I remember hiding from witch-like creatures, but without the magical powers.

After sometime in this building, I had made progress and I was on my way, But there was a hanger-type building right next to the factory. It was dark, and I walked inside. Men in SWAT/riot gear were at two cave-mouths in the hanger, battlign enormous, upright, shambling, 10-foot-tall-plus apes.

I turned to go, walking straight into a man who recognized me.

That was the end of my dream.