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Denormalization: From License, to Explicit Horizontal Control, to Implicit Horizontal Control

Fighting for the Culture,” by Perry de Havilland, Samizdata, 20 April 2005, http://www.samizdata.net/blog/archives/007468.html.

I disagree with Perry’s history slightly, but in a post on racism Mr. de Havilland outlines a “cutural shift” that denormalized a New Style ideology

Only a wilful fool would dispute that racism moved from being the unremarkable default mainstream view in the western world to being a prejudice which scarcely dare speak its name. I would argue that this did not come about just because a few anti-discrimination laws got passed. A great many things are illegal and yet doing them does not put you ‘beyond the pale’ in polite society. In most circles lighting up a spliff or speeding or paying your builder/nanny/housekeeper in cash are matters of little or no account and few people would think less of you if they discovered you were doing so. Overt racism on the other hand has precisely that effect because regarding that there has been a cultural shift. To be a racist is not just wrong, it makes you a jackass in the eyes of others [non-racism is once again “normal” — tdaxp]. Most racists are now more prone to keep their views to themselves, not because someone will call the cops and have them hauled off to a re-education camp, but because they can no longer safely assume others will share their meta-context.

de Havilland is writing about a horizontal control in transition. The plicitity of a control — its position on the implicit-explicit axis — is shifting. Racism has gone from unquestioned, to a wrong thing to think, to a weird thing to think.

Racism is a New Style ideology that dates from the early 18th century. It is a New Style innovation and it is being destoyed

Other such beliefs — feminism, homosxualism, &c, can be destroyed the same way.

We can win. And we are winning.


!!?,” by “Aaron,” tdaxp, http://www.tdaxp.com/archive/2005/01/06/deviants.html, 10 January 2005.

With incredulity, and without knowing that he would incite a rant, Aaron writes


So you’re applauding that they have no resources to counsel victims of anti-homosexual harassment

Yes, to precisely the same extent that I am happy we have no resources to counsel victims of anti-racist harassment.

Homosexuality, like feminism and racism, is invented. It doesn’t exist historically — most humans have lived and died without its existence, and after it dies humanity will continue on.

Like a great disaster, these calamnities have struck with total disregard for their victims. The shortened and isolated lives of male homosexuals is heartbreaking. Even if your heart is callous, they act as super-spreaders enabling viri to lay waste to great nations.

Fortunately, we live in a world that naturally destroys artificial forces. In human societies “normal” is a very powerful force. Twisted regimes like Imperial Japan or Ba’athi Iraq can teach young men that admiring suicide-kilers is “normal.” If a society wishes to encourage an action, it makes it normal. It normalizes that action. Conversely, a society makes abnormal or denormalizes anything it wishes to destroy.

In New York City, Mayor Guiliani significantly reduced violent crime by persecuting petty offenders. Because the consequences of any run-in with the law were so severe, less people committed petty crimes and so law-abiding became “normal.” In New York State, Attorney General Spitzer is trying much the same with white-collar crime.

Counseling for homosexuals as homosexuals would normalize male homosexuality. The absense of such support denormalizes it. Do I think any significant number of current homosexuals will change, or that their anguish will be lightened by such a denormalization? No, and for the sake of the future, that’s not too relevant, either.

In the parlance of swaydo logic


1. Male homosexuality causes anguish
2. Male homosexuality is optional for a society
3. Denormalization can be used to end any behavior
4. It is right to end behavior that causes anguish


Male homosexuality should be denormalized to end it and lessen anguish



Gay Students Being Left Behind Study Shows ,” by Doreen Brandt, 365Gay.com, Washington Bureau, http://www.365gay.com/newscon05/01/010605schools.htm, 6 January 2005 (from Democratic Underground).

Sometimes, a post should be written specifically to irritate Rob.

Good news

(Washington) A national study of schools shows that 95 percent have little or no gay, lesbian or bisexual resources in their counseling services and only one percent have transgender resource.

Better news

The results, released Thursday, show schools are not responding to the needs of gay students.

Best news

Seventy percent of the school had no training for educators/staff on how to stop GLBT bullying and 92 percent had no programs to train students how to stop GLBT bullying.

Nearly two thirds of the schools did not include gay, lesbian or bisexual students in their harassment/non-discrimination policies, and 84 percent had little or no resources for parents about GLBT issues.

“Natural” human behavior covers a wide range of activities. Certainly more than are appropriate for polite conversation. But not every “natural” act is naturally tolerated, or naturally normal. If homosexualists argue that their behavior is natural, then so is the deviation and stigmatization that behavior implies.