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Bush Right, Democrats Wrong, on Immigration and Free Trade

Homeland Security (which is under President Bush’s control) extends the work permit of foreigners who graduate from American universities with Master or Doctoral degrees from 12 to 19 months.

Congress has not acted to increase the H1-B limit, meaning perhaps 100,000 high-skilled workers will be turned away, leading to a large loss of human capital and moving high-skill industries away from the United States. In spite of this, Bush’s USCIS will accept as many applicants as possible — even perhaps exceeding the Congressional cap.

And meanwhile Bush pushes for a free-trade agreement for Columbia, which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid unfavorable compares to ‘a foreign-aid package’!

As the Asia Times writes:

In any case, the AFL/CIO and its cheerleaders among the Democrats in Congress appear to have found a way to kill even bilateral trade agreements, by demanding US levels of union protections, benefits and environmental restrictions in the relatively poor countries with which they are generally negotiated. A world full of bilateral trade agreements is not flat but mildly bumpy; a world in which even these have become impossible requires serious landscaping.

The issues are too important to trust the Democrats with the Presidency.

Vote John McCain.