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Paperwork and Bed-Chaining

I have a temporary job at an awesome medical testing firm. The people there are nice, the job is comfortable, and the clock goes fast. But…

Paper is everywhere

One of the business-flows is

  1. Order is emailed in
  2. Email is printed out
  3. Printed email is keyed in
  4. Report is printed from keyed-in information
  5. Printed report is faxed

Two paper documents have to also be modified, but this process takes enough time, introduces errors, and could be easily automated.

And now, the an angrier rant:

Several family members when it visit my great aunt. She is aware, intelligent, smart, &c. She has everything except youth and health — deficiencies which put her in the hospital.

Anyway, the hospital has, without informing anyway why, moved her from one room (and roommate) to another. They also have threatened to chain her to the bed, because she will get out of bed at night. (As my grandmother, also as lucid as ever, actually was, this is not an idle threat.)

The alternative is to piss herself.

The best explanation we found was vague fear of “lawsuits.”

Finale: The Economist has reported that, until 1980, there was no statistical correlation between spending on health care and life expectancy. A family friend who was formerly a Chief of Surgery has made similar complaints for years.

I wonder if vigilante executions of small-town hospital workers helped depress life expectancy.