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Police acting badly

Recently in South Dakota, one of our officers was shot at by a Denver cop. On considerationg, it certainly appears that many large-city police forces are essentially counter-insurgency operations (COIN) without the screening, manpower, seriousness, or training to do the job. So it’s not surprising that like other underfunded, understaffed, undermanaged COIN agencies (say, the Baghdad Police Department), I wouldn’t trust them with my wallet:

Philly police accused of looting stores after dismantling video cameras
Philadelphia police dismantled several video cameras as they raided a bodega looking for tiny ziplock bags.

Yes, the same plastic baggies you can buy in any Walgreen’s to divide your vitamins into daily doses. Philly police consider the bags drug paraphernalia.

Obviously, things have changed in the City of Brotherly Love since our nation’s forefathers signed the Constitution in Independence Hall in 1787.

During the raid, police cut the chords of several video surveillance cameras in the store.

Then, once the cameras were not functioning, police proceeded to loot almost $10,000 in cash as well as several cartons of cigarettes, bodega owner Jose Duran told the Philadelphia Daily News.

Fortunately, science offers a way out. In the same way that evidence-based medicine makes up for superstitious doctors, widespread and effortless sureveillence will increase the ability of the citizenry to monitor their police forces. This will naturally lead to an adjustment, as many police tactics that have long been acceptable in large cities (such as theft) lead to terminated careers, and laws will have to adjust to accommodate illegal police tactics that actually do work.