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Update on Texas Rob

I thought I would take a moment to update tdaxp on my current status. I wish I posted more often, but such is the life of a busy filmmaker. For those of you that aren’t up to speed, I’m at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches TX. I recently graduated and have been shooting the summer feature, “Within Us”, for the last couple weeks. The script I wrote with Derek went through about 10 months of work, all for 26 days of shooting. The post-production phase will last about 4 months. Simply put, the film is about the horrors of mental illness and its effects on family. It’s also about flaws in the human condition; you may hate your father, but you really love your father.

The film is being shot on DVCAM, with a 3 CCD camera. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done at a fraction of the price it would be to shoot on actual film. The finished product will be on DVD all around east Texas, and we’ll be getting it into as many festivals as possible. Aside from being a co-writer, I’m also the Director of Photography, or DP. So I control the camera and lighting with regard to how the director wants the film to look. Derek is my co-writer, and also serves as Director and star. Brad Maule (General Hospital, 7th Heaven) has a supporting role in the film and says our set is one of the most professional he has ever been on… and he has been on a lot of sets. The footage is coming out great and we’re getting some impressive performances. This is the most ambitious undertaking SFA Film has ever tried. Derek and I are trying to change things here, and we’re having fun doing it. So all of this hard work ends up with me neglecting friends and family. 10 to 12 hour shoots, 6 days a week, doesn’t leave much time for anything unrelated to the film. I’m doing what I love to do, and hopefully I’ll be getting paid to do it eventually.

Biz and Rob of Trumpy Productions join tdaxp

I am proud to announce that Biz and Rob will join the tdaxp fold.

Biz and Rob are co-founders of Trumpy Productions, which has specialized in digital film shorts and the occasional web side-project. Biz will specialize in the bookosphere, and is an intelligent and articulate bibliophile specializing in popular historical and scientific works. Rob is finishing up a prestigious film degree and is able to combine technical judgements with what makes a movie “fun.”

Welcome aboard!