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Incredible (for McCain)

Strings of good luck can’t last forever.  But this has one sure lasted a long time for McCain.  Clues of the out-of-touchness of the national media only help the McCain camp, as they alienate Americans from the Establishment’s childless norms:

The Weekly Standard
From the New York Times:
In the press galleries at the convention, journalists wrinkled their noses in disgust when Piper, Ms. Palin’s youngest daughter, was filmed kitty-licking her baby brother’s hair into place. But to many Americans — including some I talked to in the convention hall — that looked like family church on Sunday, evidence of good breeding and sibling regard.
HT: NewsBusters

Elsewhere McCain is at 48%+ on intrade, and has quite the lead against Obama.

A while back, people were calling McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin as VP a hail-mary pass.  It wasn’t.  It was a statue-of-liberty play.  Much easier to execute than a statue-of-liberty, it requires only the cluelessness ot the opposition to work.

And Obama’s pick, in retrospect, is politically quite clueness.  (If substantively sound for a Democrat).


A good analogy for Obama would be Oklahoma’s defense against Boise State.  It should have worked.  Most times,  it would have.