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Credit where credit is due

I’ve criticized the goonish Group of 88, but at least one of the lynch-mob professors, Dr. Hardt, nonetheless is correct in his view of love as politically transformational. I got the video from Durham in Wonderland, a normally great blog, whose dismissal of Dr, Hardt for using jargon is off-base and unprofessional.

Love, not solidarity

To quote from Michael Hardt’s lecture on love:

“It seems to me that what love does, rather than solidarity, is that love extends beyond our standard conceptions of rationality. Beyond the rational calculus of interest… But I understand solidarity as essentially a calculation of interest in which we aid each other or unite with each other because of mutual interests.

I’ve written about love and the extending embrace as central to the Rise of Christianity.

Tom Barnett, the grand strategist, said it without the jargon:




Embarrass yourself.

A final thought: How is it that someone who knows so much about love, as Mike Hardt seems to — nonetheless acts out of hate and fear in the persecution of innocent youths?

Simple: we are rational. Speaking well does not correlate with acting well. We do what we do, we say what we say, and these activities tend not to influence each other much.