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Struggles, both violent and political

There’s something a little ironic about a rally in support of what everyone believes are violent criminals themselves joyously breaking the law:


Wave after wave of marchers walked a long hot mile to Jena High School. There, with only a handful of police to stop them, they swept past the school’s chain link fence and on to the school grounds.

and that:

But unlike the protests that became landmarks for civil rights when fire hoses and police dogs greeted demonstrators, the rally to support six black teenagers charged in a school fight had a festive yet laid-back air.

“It was a great day,” said Denise Broussard, of Lafayette, La. “I really felt a sense of purpose and commitment, but it was also a lot of fun. I met great people and made some good friends.”

The assault itself seems to be a case of honor violence, endemic among ex-confederate populations (both white and black). One wonders how much of the national attention is an attempt by Jessee Jackson’s southern clique to sink the candidacy to half-white Barack Obama who, whatever he is, is not Dixie.

Update: Shannon Love ads his thoughts.