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Stuart Berman on Slashdot!

“Tear Down the Firewall,” by timothy, Slashdot, 9 July 2005, http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/07/09/1758205&am….

Congratulation to Stuart Berman of My Kids’ Dad for having his article on firewalls mentioned on the uber-geek Slashdot

lousyd writes “‘What’s the best firewall for servers?’ asked one Slashdot poster. Give up the firewall‘ answers Security Pipeline columnist Stuart Berman. Through creatively separating server functions into different, isolated servers, and assigning them to a three tiered system of security levels, his company has almost completely eliminated the need for (and headache of) network firewalls. “Taking that crutch away has forced us to rethink our security model,” Berman says. The cost of the added servers is greatly minimized by making them virtual servers on the same machine, using Xen. With the new security-enhanced XenSE, this might become easier and more possible. What has you chained to your firewall?”

That’s almost as important as having the same article mentioned at tdaxp — a month ago! 🙂