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I’m frigging Noam Chomsky

In an online discussion about TibetPedia, a website with the following headline:

If Tibet is separated from China …

People lose their homes, students quit their colleges, and couples get separated
Don’t spend the rest of your life blaming yourself

This snippet:

与乔姆斯基关于西藏的对话,及关于www.tibetpedia.org网站的建 – 未名空间(mitbbs.com)
3 NoamChomsky (2 days ago)
My friend, I’ve often been accused of being naive, but never simple. I do know a thing or two of history and politics; they’ve been an avocation of mine for a little while now.

Of course I’m keenly aware of the misdemeanors perpetrated by the US on behalf of its cynical and corrupt government, and I’ve protested them loudly for decades. I’m friggin Noam Chomsky, have you heard of me? Apparently not.

I can’t verify that it’s from the real Noam Chomsky, but later parts of the conversation:

First, I’m sorry; I wrote in haste. I should not have said China is “fascist” as that’s technically incorrect. I should have said “repressive,” ” tyrannical,” and “implacably hostile to the human spirit.” I think we can agree those terms are much less offensive than “fascist” so please accept my apologies.

Second, I do not share your antipathy to “anarchy” or rather, your implied preference for the centralized State. Your implication that lack of governance would lead to genocide neglects the plain fact that most (but admittedly not all) of the genocides of the last hundred years were meticulously planned and executed by sovereign states.

Two last things: first, my heritage and religious beliefs are not germane to this discussion. And second, it’s unnecessary to write “Midnat Yisra’el” in Hebrew if you’re not going to call China “Zhongguo” or “中國” (“中国”). Let’s not show off.

Certainly imply it is.

An argument between Chomsky and a Communist apologist has all the fascination of a debate between partisans of Kim Jung Il and Pol Pot. Read the whole thing.