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The Circus

Shannon Lov at Chicago Boyz has two posts attacking the upcoming trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, “KSM,” who, according to himself, is the most dangerous terrorist in the history of civilization. The titles, “The Worst Kind of Trial” and “How Obama is Bringing Martial Law to America,” gives you a taste of the tone.

Of course, the trial is a circus. It is designed to be. It is designed to get people to pay attention to it.

Becuase the real objective is the introduction of regular and systematic military trials for terrorists we capture oversees. While the far-right, far-left, and media machine pay attention to the circus, the United States Government grants the military universal jurisdiction for crimes against the United States.

This is a huge deal. It would be controversial if it was talked about. So it won’t be.

Pay attention to the circus instead.