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P.H.D. Comics at University of Nebraska – Lincoln!

Dr. Jorge Cham, the creater of Piled Higher and Deeper (by far the most successful comic strip about life as a graduate student) spoke to an auditorium-sized crowd at University of Nebraska today. Several faculty and two undergrads managed to sneak in, but otherwise his hilarious speech on “The Power of Procrastination” was heard by us adoring fellow graduate students.

While much of the speech was humorous, Jorge spent some time on the benefits of non-directed though, and even directly mentioned the Jung-Beeman, et al, piece previously mentioned on ZenPundit!

His great brief, my lousy camera

The event was beyond-wonderful. Won a book, and afterwards Jorge kindly signed it (and several others, as well). Overcome by his rock star status, I flubbed an explanation of my research, which is on nondirected processing and so entirely complementary with his speech. Afterwards I was jumping for joy at the great time.

Thanks for stopping by Nebraska, Jorge!