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Venezuela’s Election System

Like Russia and Iran, Venezuela also maintains a facade of democracy while not allowing democracy.

I want to thank “sonofsamphm1c” in the “Hidden Costs” thread for pointing me to an article on Venezuela’s electronic voting machines. While the tone of the article if laudatory, electronic voting machines allow much easier and more sophisticated vote-manipulation than other voting systems. Algorithms can reduce only a certain fraction of votes from each district, leaving no statistical trace of manipulation while changing the victor. Likewise, electronic voting machines can simply not record, or double-record, some votes, in a way that does not require messy business like “finding” votes in someone’s trunk.

During Venezuela’s recent election, Hugo Chavez also threatened to send in the military and arrest opposition leaders if he or his allies lost.

The Russian Navy is visiting Venezuela, by the way.

Try Hugo Chavez in the ICC

Colombia: Latin America tries to defuse escalating crisis | csmonitor.com

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe said Tuesday that his government would ask the International Criminal Court to try Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez for financing and supporting Colombia’s main rebel group.

While the International Criminal Court is neither free nor independent from the United Nations , it and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights both provide forums where the President of Venezuela can be tried, and spend the rest of his life languishing in prison.

Now, to actually get Mr. Chavez in custody…