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Sneak Peak at "World Hall"

Recently, Shane Deichman of Wizards of Oz introduced me to World Hall‘s closed beta. World Hall will be an online collaboration tool currently under development, that seeks to bridge the gap between communication and action. World Hall is an open source project, and can be seen as a Wikipedia for collaboration.

Entering data and starting discussions in World Hall is easy enough that I had initially hoped that it would position itself as a full fledged blog management system. However, at this point World Hall faces a big question: how should attribution be handled? Attribution is obviously central to blogs, where a weblog is either the product of one person and even group-blogs clearly identify who is contributing what. In a wiki, however, authorship may be stored for administrative purposes, but the authors of a piece are essentially anonymous. The creators of World Hall recognize that a start-up should focus on what it hopes to do best, so World Hall will be less of a blog/wiki and more of a microsoft project/wiki. The decision to focus on project management instead of discussion management will make World Hall invaluable for tight-knit communities, 5GW plotters, and the like, while more decentralized networks and 4G organizations would be advised to look elsewhere.

World Hall looks like it will be quite the product, and my thanks to both Shane and everyone at World Hall for giving me both the back-stage pass, and the inside information. Thanks!