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Strange Nazis

Ignácz Timonthy Trebitsc-Lincoln, a Hungarian Jew and former Member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, worked for the Empire of Japan and attempted to interest the Nazis in leading a worldwide Buddhist revolution. Among his fans were Henrich Himmler (who would later commit suicide in prison, in 1945) and Rudolf Hess (who would later commit suicide in prison, in 1987).

Trebitsc-Lincoln, under the name Chao Kung (照空, which would now be spelled Zhao Kong) would reside under the Collaborationaist Nanjing Government‘s protection until his own death, in 1943. The Collaborationists were lead by Wang Jingwei, the most influential leftist in the KMT, former Chairman of the KMT, and former Prime Minister of the Republic of China, who tried (and failed) to keep Soviet advisers in China after the KMT’s first purge of the Chinese Communists in the 1920s.