Why We Must Destroy North Korea

Video details life in North Korea,” by Lee Young-jong, JoongAng Daily, http://joongangdaily.joins.com/200501/06/200501062243482139900090309031.html, 7 January 2005 (from NK Zone).

We must destroy North Korea. Not just because they are Ashcroftian

“The crime of prostitution and disturbing this nation’s order must be punished heavily,” a judge said to a woman and a man standing on a truck at the Sinam Mark of Cheongjin, North Hamgyeong province.
According to the tape, the woman received 1,000 won ($.66, the market rate for U.S. dollars) in North Korean currency for the sex act. The money can buy about 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of rice. She was sent to a forced labor camp immediately after she was found guilty at the open trial.

But for the domestic genocide they are waging against their own people

The tape also showed the dreary lives of many stray children on the streets. Some lie motionless near railroad tracks. A child is seen walking around a plaza with a liquor bottle in his hand; he was shoeless and all his toes are cutoff .
“So many of them (children) die of hunger and cold, so nobody pays attention to them,” said a former North Korean intelligence official of the North Hamgyeong province who defected to the South.


Rumsfeld Seeks Broad Review of Iraq Policy,” by Eric Schmitt and Thom Shanker, New York Times, http://www.nytimes.com/2005/01/07/international/middleeast/07military.html, 6 January 2005 (from Drudge Report).

A retired U.S. Army general is heading to Iraq

The extraordinary leeway given to the highly regarded officer, Gen. Gary E. Luck, a former head of American forces in South Korea and currently a senior adviser to the military’s Joint Forces Command, underscores the deep concern by senior Pentagon officials and top American commanders over the direction that the operation in Iraq is taking, and its broad ramifications for the military, said some members of Congress and military analysts.

My first thoughts reading this were “Iraqification.” South Korea has famously complained by American troops on the DMZ and in Seoul, and we have obliged them by pulling back. Allies need to be able to defend themselves, otherwise we get situations like France or Saudi Arabia. A quote further on seems to confirm this view

General Luck, who was a senior adviser to Gen. Tommy R. Franks at his war-time headquarters in Qatar during the Iraq campaign in 2003 and knows the operation in Iraq well, will lead a small team of military specialists. A principal focus will be to address one of the biggest problems facing the military in Iraq today: how to train Iraqi soldiers and police officers to replace the American troops now securing the country. Commanders have expressed disappointment in the performance of many of the Iraqi forces.

Iraq is in a civil war. The Shia are an overwhelming majority, and have a very large friend next door in Iran. It’s important we train Shia troops, whether regular Iraqi Army or SCIRI/Dawa-affiliated groups, to defend themselves against the Sunni Ba’athi/Salafist terrorists.

If General Luck can further show the need for this and open the last chapter in the Iraq War, so much the better.


Gay Students Being Left Behind Study Shows ,” by Doreen Brandt, 365Gay.com, Washington Bureau, http://www.365gay.com/newscon05/01/010605schools.htm, 6 January 2005 (from Democratic Underground).

Sometimes, a post should be written specifically to irritate Rob.

Good news

(Washington) A national study of schools shows that 95 percent have little or no gay, lesbian or bisexual resources in their counseling services and only one percent have transgender resource.

Better news

The results, released Thursday, show schools are not responding to the needs of gay students.

Best news

Seventy percent of the school had no training for educators/staff on how to stop GLBT bullying and 92 percent had no programs to train students how to stop GLBT bullying.

Nearly two thirds of the schools did not include gay, lesbian or bisexual students in their harassment/non-discrimination policies, and 84 percent had little or no resources for parents about GLBT issues.

“Natural” human behavior covers a wide range of activities. Certainly more than are appropriate for polite conversation. But not every “natural” act is naturally tolerated, or naturally normal. If homosexualists argue that their behavior is natural, then so is the deviation and stigmatization that behavior implies.

Chinese Pilgrims

PM Sharon met with Chinese Deputy Prime Minister,” Prime Minister’s Office, http://www.pmo.gov.il/nr/exeres/10B5BBC7-0AB7-4189-966A-725029058D8D.htm, 28 December 2004.

China ready to take on more active role in Mideast politics,” by Mahmoud Al Abed , Jordan Times, http://www.jordantimes.com/fri/homenews/homenews5.htm, 7 January 2005 (from Democratic Underground).

At the beginning of the meting, which was held in an excellent atmosphere, the Chinese Deputy Prime Minister invited Prime Minister Sharon to visit China in order to further improve bilateral relations. He said that bilateral relations have greatly improved since Prime Minister Sharon took office.


AMMAN — China is ready to take on a more active role in Middle East politics and enhance partnership with the region, including Jordan, Chinese Ambassador to Amman Luo Xingwu announced on Thursday.

At a press conference yesterday, the envoy said Beijing has put forward four-point initiative for peace in the Middle East.

The move was taken after Chinese Deputy Prime Minister and State Councillor Tang Jiaxuan’s Dec.26-29 visit to Palestine and Israel, where he met senior officials from both sides.

In the initiative, China urges trust-building measures between the Palestinians and the Israelis, a halt to attacks against Israeli civilians, facilitation of smooth Palestinian elections and respect for the ensuing Palestinian government, the resumption of peace talks, and an improvement in the living conditions of the Palestinian people.

Excellent. China needs stable economies to trade with. China needs oil, but it also needs stable Middle East allies. Increasing the connectivity between Israel and China helps both nations, and encourages other governments on the road to progress.

It encourages the Arab states in other ways too. The Chinese have little compunction about killing Muslims when the times call for it.

Welcome, friends.