The Isolationist Left

Even if this were true,” by “patsified,” Democratic Underground,, 30 January 2005.

I don’t typically reply to individual posts from Democratic Underground here. The forum moderators are quite aggressive and the posts are not “fringe” for DU’s moderating community. However, one struck me showing exactly what is wrong with the isolationist Left. It also struck them, which is how it was linked to on the front page of the Daou Report.

Even if all the Iraqis in the world are jumping up and down and clapping and dancing and crying for joy; even if there were really and truly 100% turnout for this election; even if the winner of this election were truly the choice to represent the majority of all Iraqis:

Was this worth destroying the United States of America? Was this worth sending our nation tumbling into the toilet? Was this worth destroying our reputation and the worth of our word in the world? Were the lies worth it? Was this worth the billions and billions of dollars emptied from our nation’s treasury? Was the enrichment of Halliburton and the Carlyle Group worth it? Was this worth the bloodshed of soldiers and of innocents? Was it worth losing your arms, little Ali? Was there NO OTHER WAY to have achieved this? Am I supposed to jump up and down and clap and dance and cry for joy that MY nation has been turned into a shitpile and everyone in the world hates MY nation now? There is no democracy here in America, but I am supposed to be overwhelmed with good cheer that it exists for the Iraqis?

Reading this, I was trying to answer it in my head. “I don’t care if military contractors get rich,” I thought. “Every war requires treasure,” I thought. But her last paragraph sums everything up

I can’t think of a single cause outside of the borders of my country that would be worth destroying my country for. And that’s what has happened, I don’t care how happy the Iraqis are. I mourn what my country has become, and I am bitter because I know what she could have been. So I’m sorry if I can’t join in the joy today.

Let us hope our country is never destroyed. Let us hope that a wicked enemy never occupies our land or blockades our ports. Let us hope the White House is never again burned down and we never again fight conventional battles in our cities.

No one so embodied the poster’s cowardice like Lord Halifax. After Chamberlain’s resignation Lord Halifax could have become Prime Minister of Britain and ended the war. Thank God he realized his weakness and allowed Churchill to lead the British in the air and on the beaches.

Isolationists with introspection are bad enough. Millions might have been saved if Halifax opposed Germany sooner. Isolationists withouch such knowledge of themseleves are simply dangerous.

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