Uniting North America, Blurrily

Dual Citizenship Alert,” by Mark Krikorian, The Corner, http://www.nationalreview.com/thecorner/05_02_20_corner-archive.asp#056976, 24 February 2005.

Mark Krikorian is alarmed that Mexico is recognizing a new class of Mexican citizens — Mexicans who are also American

The lower house of Mexico’s congress overwhelmingly approved a measure that would allow Mexicans in the United States to vote in the 2006 presidential election, and the Senate is expected to follow suit soon. Ordinarily, this would be irrelevant to us, since there are plenty of other countries that permit this. But because of the massive immigrant presence here, this measure will promote the president’s implicit goal of blurring the distinction between the United States and Mexico: there will be extensive campaigning on this side of the border, with mass rallies and ads in print, radio, and even TV; hundreds of thousands of people are likely to line up at consulates to vote, with employers pressured not to punish absent workers and the Border Patrol prohibited from enforcing immigration laws, which would have a “chilling effect” on turnout; and thousands of dual citizens will make a mockery of their oaths of allegiance to the United States by voting in a foreign election.

Blurring distinctions within North America? Unifying North America?


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