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MADD at GM,” MADD at GM,, (from Houston Chronicle through The Corner).

MADD Off the Rails,” MADD at GM,

Have you ever had a glass of wine with dinner… and then driven safely home?
Have you ever driven home after having a beer at a ballgame?
Have you ever had a cocktail with your friends after work before heading home?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re what MADD calls a “drinking driver” .. and if MADD had its way, you would have been arrested.

From another MADD at GM page

Over the past twenty years, efforts of government, traffic safety, and adult beverage retailer groups have fundamentally changed the nature of the drunk driving problem. What once was considered at worst a social mistake is now recognized as a life-threatening and illegal act. Recognizing this fact, drunk driving is anathema to responsible adults.

Drunk drivers are now overwhelmingly made up of product abusers who routinely reach high blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) and often are repeat offenders. Government data shows that the average BAC of a drunk driver in a fatal crash is .19%—over twice the legal limit. And while this group makes up a very small portion of all drivers, they cause an overwhelming majority of alcohol-related fatalities each year. (Many of them are the drunk drivers themselves.)

But despite the fact that the drunk driving problem has been boiled down to what even MADD calls a “hard core of alcoholics who do not respond to public appeals,” MADD continues to advocate senseless PR campaigns—campaigns that take aim at responsible adults, not this “hard core.” Why? Because the original, well-intentioned MADD organization has been hijacked over 25 years into a $50 million PR organization with an anti-alcohol agenda.


I have little sympathy for the health mullahs. The Global War on Terrorism is a war for freedom against vertical control. Salafists and virtue police are a danger to the liberal dream in every nation, whether Secular, Christianist, or Islamist.

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  1. I'm not sure I go quite so far as to call them 'health mullahs,' but I agree 100% with your basic premise. Instead of petitioning to get legal BAC levels lowered to swallowing a cough drop, they should be campaigning for harsher penalties for the truly drunk drivers.

  2. Right on, Adam.

    MADD is tearing apart their natural base (people who don't want to get killed) by being “virtue”-absolutist. They remind me of every dislikable do-gooder goon who complains about radios in cars because they are distracting.

    Thanks for the comment!


  4. I agree, Lester.

    “Drunk driving” is a poor term altogether, meant to confuse and frighten the public. What would be a good term for the largely harmless drivers on the margin?

  5. I realize that my comment comes late, as I just happened upon this website. As you continue your career in what I assume is some form of empty journalism laden with shock value-ridden statements to distract your audience from the fact that there really is no cerebral case being made, I would like to offer some advice. Be tactful…it makes for far more compelling arguments.

    You might notice my last name; Laura Cockson is my second cousin. You suggest in one of your comments that her memorial scholarship is somehow a farce because…and I am not sure I follow your logic…because UNL 'pushes homosexuality, which is a more dangerous act'? I would like to point out to you that from a logic standpoint your arguement is senseless for many reasons. First, you argue that 'virtue police' and 'do gooders' are a harmful element in the MADD campaign, and yet you proceed to make a candied-up anti-gay statement. Homosexuality, defined only as a relationship between two people of the same sex is not inherently 'dangerous'. The dangers that affect promiscuous homosexuals are the same as those that affect heterosexuals. It is the promiscuity that is dangerous, not the homosexuality…so be careful.
    Next, I would like to point out that most scholarships in honor of the deceased are set up in trust through the family, meaning that UNL probably did not set up the scholarship in the first place.

    At any rate, Laura's memorial fund is not meant to be a pulpit…it is in place as a respectful remembrance of a life that was lost and to remind us that our choices…ALL OF OUR CHOICES…impact the world around us including the lives of others. There is no logical connection between the memorial scholarship fund of Laua Cockson and any sense of righteousness whatsoever.

    Laura is a real person; her family is a real family who endured a tremendous loss in a situation that brought every parent's worst nightmare to life. To trivialize her memorial scholarship in an arguement that fails to meet even the standards of logic is tactless, disrespectful, and ignorant. I wish you better luck in future journalistic attempts.

    Jill S. Cockson

  6. Jill,

    Was your comment aimed at the post, “Dorm Puritanism” (16 October 2005). I am anxious to answer you, but I don't want to leave out incorporating MADD if indeed that was your intent.

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