People Power Beirut Government Resignation

Hezbollah Radio Advert,” by Bryn Jones, Hamas Cinema Gaza Strip,, 7 February 2002.

Hoping that I have not yet bored all with posts on Bryn Jones, a/k/a Muslimgauze

‘s overt geopolitics and use of speech samples make his music completely unique. Also new under the sun is the incredible news out of Egypt and Lebanon. Multiparty elections in one, a popular protest forcing a government’s resignation in the other. I couldn’t help but listen to one song…

We are here. We will continue to be here. The first, this city, the first, the first, this is very important, this is the first Arab capital which the Israelis people are blockading.


We create a new people. Instead of being refugees subjects we to be fighters protesters. This very important. We were refugees subjects. Harmless. We became now fighters protesters. Freedom fighters protesters. The next stage


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