Janklow Peons Daschle

Janklow on Daschle,” by Chad M. Schuldt, Clean Cut Kid, http://www.cleancutkid.com/2005/03/03/janklow-on-daschle/, 3 March 2005.

I’ve blogged on the symbosis of Republican ex-Rep/Gov/AG Bill Janklow and Democrat ex-Senator Tom Daschle.

Well, Bill purchased a two page peon to Tom in the Sioux Falls Shopping News, a paper hand-delivered to about every house in the Sioux Empire. The first paragraph implicitly compares Bill to Mark Anthony and Tom to Julius Caesar.


Until Janklow’s felon-status lapses in a few years he’s out of local politics, and Tom’s probably out for good.

But they keep haunting me!

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