South Dakotan War on Terrorism (CCK: Daschle is a Traitor)

Box Elder, South Dakota’s Next Ghost Town?,” by Seth Hahn, Clean Cut Kid, 16 March 2005,

The word “patriotism” comes from the Greek word “patrios” — Fatherland. In Latin, “patrios” became “patria.” Patria” is commonly translated as “one’s country,” as in the poem, “Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori” (It is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country). But “fatherland” is still a better translation. If the land is a father, then all males of the land are brothers: the patria is also a fratria — the Fatherland is a Brotherland. Not brothers in the biological sense, nor in the sense that I love Aaron and Rob as brothers, but nonetheless real brothers. Fellow citizens are brothers in the land.

The attacks of September 11th did not target South Dakota, and it is very unlikely that further al-Qaeda attacks would. But South Dakotans still have obligations to protect their brothers in New York and every other place where our enemies may attack. Only a terrible man would sacrifice his brothers’ safety for a small gain. Like the ancient traitors who opened city gates to enemy intruders, a man who steals his brothers’ security for silver is a failure.

Then why is new Clean Cut Kid Seth Hahn implying that Daschle was such a man?

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has just nominated former Nevada Congressman James Bilbray to the Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC). As Minority Leader, Reid has the privilege of selecting one of the nine-person commission. The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that defense experts say that “nation still has 25 percent more military base capacity than needed and $7 billion more might be saved.”

While this means that Nellis Air Force Base and Fallon Naval Air Station are safe, Ellsworth’s future, and the economic well-being of Western South Dakota are not so certain. State officials have recently “launched an all-out campaign to keep the base open” in an attempt to keep the $267 million in annual revenue that Ellsworth brings to the area.

It sure would be nice to have the Senate Minority Leader campaigning for us.

I would say it would be nice to have fratriots who love their brothers campaigning for the safety of us all.

In a comment, “Charley” says the same thing less poetically

Instead of our selfish, knee-jerk efforts to save Ellsworth as we bitch about the deficit and/or taxes we should look at whether or not it even makes sense to continue the base in SD.

Update: Seth continues his realistic attack on soldiers. Now, who does that remind me of in this book…?

Rewarding Success (Wolfowitz’s Promotion)

Bush Picks Wolfowitz for World Bank President,” by Adam Entous, Reuters, 16 March 2005,

President Bush has selected Paul Wolfowitz to be the new President of the World Bank.

President Bush on Wednesday selected Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, a magnet for controversy as one of the leading architects of the Iraq war, as his choice for World Bank president.

This is wonderful. Baghdad Spring, and the hot chicks to go with it, would never have happened without Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz. At first I was worried that he was being “kicked upstairs,” but then…

European sources said Wolfowitz’s name was circulated informally among board directors several weeks ago and was rejected. “Mr. Wolfowitz’s nomination today tells us the U.S. couldn’t care less what the rest of the world thinks,” one source said.

French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier suggested other candidates could be considered. “It’s a proposal. We shall examine it in context of the personality of the person you mention and perhaps in view of other candidates.”

If the French are mad at the promotion of an American, I’m happy. Bush is staking international political capital on Paul’s promotion. Good luck to both of them! And God bless their work!

Update: Dr. Barnett agrees

A short comment on Wolfowitz for World Bank: He does have the background, and he’ll probably do a really good job. He wants to be his own guy, and this is one helluva job for someone with his long career of working with foreign governments. To me, it’s putting in the WB a guy who’s really smart on developing Asia (former ambassador to Indonesia famous for his immersion techniques), and that’s a huge plus right now. Getting all of Asia into the Core is more important than fixing the Middle East in the grand scheme of things–a lot more important. Having someone Bush really trusts in that job is key–a very good sign. It’s yet another amazing turn for a guy with an amazing career. I honestly see it as overwhelmingly positive, understanding the many misgivings many have about him. Comparing him to McNamara is nonsense, really. Two very different people. Wolfowitz is no technocrat, not even a Vulcan. Deep down, he’s far more romantic in his understanding of the world than anyone realizes, in my opinion. He’ll do fine. It’ll be a great choice in the end.