International Political Fan Fiction

Aaron warned me that after Allawi’s Law, I was in danger of creating political fan fiction, and that he would have to avoid for me for that reason. That got me wondering, and I could find two other examples of this breathtaking genre.

From Ridiculopathy

A recent Google topic check resulted in several magabytes of text labeled “Greenfield/Russert Slash.”

Jeff suddenly stopped, drawing his face away from his lover’s gaze in shame. “This is wrong, Tim,” he muttered. “We’re from two different worlds, you and I. You have your life at NBC, and I have mine at CNN.”

Tim lifted his head from the bearskin rug stroked the protruding vertebrae on Jeff’s back. “Our love is forbidden, yes,” he said. “If our respective news divisions catch wind of this, it would ruin us both.”

Their bond passed wordless between them like an unseen ribbon of fraternity. They had been the only two prescient enough to predict the Florida mess in 2000, each respected enough by both parties to garner invitations to moderate high-level debates. Neither had fared well enough to keep a prime time cable talk show running for more than a few weeks.

Jeff pushed up the nose of his round tortoise shell glasses, resolved in his decision. “If running numbers with you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

With that, Tim put the bear costume back on for another go.

And IMAO has an entire category of the stuff (hat-tip Catalase).

“Why does it look like President Bush’s Social Security plans won’t be passed?” asked a reporter, “Is it because you’re so fat?”

“I’m not fat!” White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan exclaimed, “And the Social Security plans will be passed.”

“Is it because you’re in denial of being fat then?”

“Argh!” Scott exclaimed and stormed away. “The press are being mean to me!” he yelled as he entered the White House. He then noticed Bush was spraying the interior with something. “What are you doing?”

“I’m spraying the White House with monkey poison,” he explained, “I’m pretty sure a monkey bit me while I was sleeping, and I don’t want any monkeys in my house.”

“A monkey did not bite you!” Laura Bush exclaimed, “You just imagined it!”

Bush kept spraying. “I can’t take that chance!”

But no international political fan fiction found. Allawi’s Law still wins!

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