Note: This is an excerpt from a draft of my thesis, A Computer Model of National Behavior. The introduction and table of contents are also available


I am thankful for so much help. I regret any accidental
omissions from this list, but I would especially like to thank

  • my family, especially my parents, grandparents, brother, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins for their help, love, inspiration, and support,
  • my thesis committee, including Dr. Richard McBride, Dr. Doug Goodman, and Dr. Larry Bradley, for the tremendous amount of time and patience they put into helping me,
  • my other instructors at the University of South Dakota, especially Dr. Nan Jiang, Dr. Douglas Peterson, Dr. Timothy Schorn, and Chairman of Computer Science John Lushbough, for a fantastic and enjoyable education,
  • the experts who agreed to lend me their wisdom and years of experience, Dr. Noel Burleson, Dr. Francesco Padovani, and Dr. Schorn,
  • my friends who I have never met, including David Norman and Angus Maddison, whose personal help was invaluable in writing this thesis,
  • my supplier of high performance computers, Midcontinent Communications and specifically Aaron Thoreson, for lending the system that allowed the simulation to execute in a reasonable amount of time,
  • my mentors from my undergraduate education, including Dr. Rick Christoph, Dr. Robert Lahm, and Dr. Jerald Tunheim, for help, friendship, and encouraging me to continue my education,
  • my teachers from years ago, Roger Leistra and Stephen Boint, in whose classrooms I first had an idea similar to the one described in this document,
  • and my fellow students at USD’s Computer Science graduate program, for friendship and inspiration.

Thank you.

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