Blogosphere and Recruiter Swarming

History of Non-Linear Warfare,” by Sean Edwards, Swarming and the Future of Warfare, 2005, pg 69,

Recruiter stories,” by kos, Daily Kos, 14 June 2005,

Comments,” by PoliPundit, PoliPundit, 14 June 2005, (from MyDD).

I haven’t been blogging more on Sean J. A. Edwards Swarming and the Future of Warfare because I was afraid it didn’t apply too much to Fourth Generation Politics. As if to prove me wrong, Heaven sent down two political swarming stories in the same day

First, conservative blogger PoliPundit gives in to strategic despair, refusing a battlespace because of liberal swarming

So why don’t most other conservative blogs allow comments? Because liberals are jerks. If a conservative blog allows comments, it is immediately overrun by juvenile, illiterate, liberal hecklers who ruin the comments section. We here at have been fighting this ever since I turned on comments, and only ceaseless vigilance has allowed us to keep the comments section open. If a larger conservative/libertarian blog, like InstaPundit, were to start a Comments section, then the blogger would have to spend every waking moment policing liberal trolls.

That’s like saying “Why should America leave Iraq? Because the terrorists are jerks.” Terrible, terrible, terrible advise.

Meanwhile, liberal blogger Kos wonders about military recruiters swarming students, preparing for 4GPS1/Agitation-Propaganda

Those of you who are military age, or with kids graduating high school, are getting swarmed with aggressive recruitment tactics. I see the stories in various threads throughout the site.

How about a cataloguing in this thread of those efforts?

Just those with military recruiter stories, please.

Swarming is characterized by pulsing attacks from many units from many directions. It is separate from guerrilla attacks, which are closer to attacks-of-opportunity. Visually:


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