Grand Strategic Isolation Attack on France

Snow, Snow, Snow,” by Collounsbury, Lounsbury on MENA, 15 June 2005,

Collounsbury is confused as to why American Treasury Secretary Jack Snow’s is provoking the French

While I am sympathetic to his attack on the modish new fad among the French in re attacking “ultraliberalism” (i.e. proper free market economics that may undermine the French elite), what the bloody fuck was the point of this? No US official preaching in Bruxelles is going to change minds. Quite the opposite really.

This was…. really pointless and counterproductive. And dumb. Yes, sometimes telling the truth is dumb, but there it is.

Of course it will make the French more stubborn. That is the point.

America and Britain are trying to detach Germany from France. Franco-German integration has been a goal of Paris for years, and until the EU Constitution collapsed it looked very achievable. France wants Europe to serve her interests. America and Britain are against this, because those “Anglo-Saxon” nations want to maximize their own influence, better integrate Europe into the global economy, and and integrate the Eastern European states into Europe. With Snow’s words, Washington is counting on the French penchant for unilateralism to antagonize the Eastern European and Germans and so further Atlanticist goals. Britain is helping in her own ways

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