Bookosphere: The Elements

I kept going over and over how to respond to Josh’s tag and come up with a list of meaningful books. In truth the below books, and their descriptions, just occurred to be while I was eating fat-free lite yogurt. But that’s boring, so here’s a more interesting origin:

Once, the sign on Sioux Falls’ grandest union read: If what you are doing is not working, stop doing it. My earlier attempts to create a book list, categories, write descriptions, defend their importance to myself, &c. So I stopped attempting that I embraced despair, and decided on another path of attack..

Like Aristotle, I humbled myself before knowledge. Instead of trying to work down from a grand theory of writing, I will work up by making lists. So here is my first list from the blogosphere: The Elements

(see also Sons, A House Divided)
(see also Anthem, The Romantic Manifesto)

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