Escanaba Vacation, tdaxp, and The Thesis

On July 1st I leave on an epic trip that will take me through La Crosse, Copper Harbor, and Marquette, until we finally arrive in Escanaba. The Finno-Italian City on the Lake, former home of summerin’ Chicago mobsters, is my father’s hometown, and I am traveling with him to see the sites. I will not return to South Dakota until July 5th.

Escanaba and Environs

I’ve queued blogspirit so tdaxp should have one new post a day for those five days. They will be section 4.3 of my thesis, A Computer Model of National Behavior.

4.3 Entity Attributes

4.3.1 Introduction

4.3.2 Places

4.3.3 Nations

4.3.4 Nations-in-Places (NPs)

4.3.5 States

Will it be interesting? Not really. But at least it will keep tdaxp “fresh.”

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