Introducing Guest Blogger Phil

Phil joins Aaron as a guest blogger on tdaxp. Noted genius, Phil gives his bio as

I’m 37 now, when I was 20 I left college to pursue my dreams and have adventures. I spent a couple of years living my bohemian poet fantasy, writing surrealist poetry that apparently only I could understand. Then I spent several years in the Army as an infantryman, including a six month tour with the MFO mission in Egypt. After leaving the Army, I set out to pursue my dream of becoming an airplane pilot and earned a commercial pilot certificate and some other ratings. I then spent a few years finishing up college and after graduation rented a one room cabin out in the woods in rural Missouri for a year to read and reflect and live a version of the Walden dream. I was considering pursuing careers in history, international relations or journalism and eventually spent a year at Southern Illinois University in the journalism program and working at the school paper. But I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and came up with an idea of starting an audio publishing company specializing in aviation and military history and have spent the past couple of years saving money and developing the idea while working as a tour guide in DC. I’m right at the beginning now of starting the business. I’m in the process of moving to Pennsylvania and spent this past weekend setting up my small home studio and hope in a couple of weeks to start recording my first audio book.


He’ll post when he feels like it. Welcome aboard, Phil!

Introducing Guest Blogger Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Stop Comparing Me to American Moonbats,” by “Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi,” Iowa Hawk, 5 July 2005, (from Little Green Footballs through TigerHawk).

Hot on the heels of Aaron and Phil, I’m proud to run an article by arch-terrorist and founder of Monotheism and Jihad al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al Zarqawi:


As a holy activist battling infidel crusaders and their heretic lackeys here in Mesopotamia, Allah knows I have to have a thick skin. Still, every once in a while, I’ll run across something that really gets my blood boiling. For instance, after my last opinion piece I got this nastygram from some choad over in Great Satanland:


I am appalled and sickened that anyone would draw a parellel between Al-Zarqawi and the American Left.


Oh, ya think? Well, I got news for you, Moby: I’m not exactly thrilled about any such comparison MYSELF, okay? See, I didn’t spend the last ten years crawling in the sand at jihad training camp, getting my knuckles thwacked by an Imam every time I forgot a Quran verse, and living in smelly Baghdad safehouse just to get compared to a bunch of trucker-hat AltWeekly motards from Austin and Seattle.


Me, like the American Left? I mean, are you fucking joking me?


tdaxp guest blogger, and noted terrorist,
Abu Zarqawi


Next, when you string up some smoldering infidel carcasses from a Fallujah bridge, they’re all like, “fuck yeah, screw those mercenaries! High five, man! C’mon, man, don’t leave me hangin’ bro!” But where were these guys when there was dismemberment and heavy carcass-lifting to do? Updating the UBB scripts on their fucking message boards, that’s where.



It’s not fair, and I swear to Allah the next time somebody tries to link the jihad with these infidel dipshits, I am totally going to snap. And the next time one of you chicken martyrs puts on a keffiya and starts babbling about “solidarity with the resistance,” remember this: just because we are planning to kill you last doesn’t make you our buddy.

Happy Birthday President Bush

George Walker Bush, 43rd President of the United States of America, turns 59 today.


President Bush, Leader

Bush will be memorized as the third Post-Cold-War President, the second NAFTA President, and the first Global War on Terrorism President.


President Bush, Full Spectrum Politician


Happy birthday, George!

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