Anti-tdaxp Extremism at "Norwegianity" blog

Make love, not war,” by MG, Norwegianity, 15 July 2005,

Fellow-blogger MG takes a stand… against tdaxp!




“Just how freaking DUMB is the hard right? This dumb.”


The article in question — Karl Rove and Bloggers Stand Up to Joe Wilson’s Coup, was an excerpt by a longer piece from Mark on the evolution of three-way political-power networks in the Untied States. It was, like everything else Mark writes, genius. But what about the other links MG presents? Do they also demonstrate dumbthenitude? Let’s take a look


  • 180 IQ Asians and Teachers of Disabled Children
    Synopsis: For a long-time “180 IQ Asians” have been used as examples of immigrants that are unfairly detoured by Homeland Security policy. Yet one of the London bombers was a special ed instructor — an equally “friendly and harmless” sort of person. So what is the solution? After laying out some options, I confess to confusion.
    Smartness Quotient: 9 / 10. Would be higher if a definite conclusion was reached.
  • Have the jihadists gone too far?
    Synopsis: Not written by me, this was Phil’s look at possible self-isolating behavior among our Enemy. An extremely good post.
    Smartness Quotient: 10 / 10.
  • Girls of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2005
    Synopsis: Girls. Pretty. Really pretty.
    Smartness Quotient: 0 / 10
  • Like Dogs or Escapees
    : Several al-Qaeda suspects escaped from a supposedly maximum-security US prison outside of Kabul, Afghanistan. I proposed looking at escapism as the opposite type of error from the actions at Abu Gharib. Was it safer for America, I wonder, to keep suspects in terrible conditions where they cannot escape or comfortable conditions where they can? Like the 180 IQ post, no firm answer was reached.
    Smartness Quotient: 6 / 10
  • Hot Asian Girl Advertisement for Martyrdom
    Synopsis. Girls. Pretty. Really pretty. But not as pretty as in the Auto Salon.
    Smartness Quotient: -1 / 10.


So, taking Mark and Phil’s work as 10 out of 10 each, we see that the Average Smartness Quotient (ASQ) for the stories mentioned is

((10 + 9 + 10 + 0 + 6 + -1) / 6) / 10 =
34 / 6 / 10 =
5.67 / 10

Is 56.7% smartness “dumb,” let alone “DUMB”?

As Dean Barret might say, a .500 batting average is nothing to sneeze at in any league.

Therefore, if .500 is “nothing to sneeze at”, then tdaxp’s .567 score is freakin’ awesome

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