Al Qaeda’s Greatest Enemy

The Command Posts reminds us al Qaeda says, “You Love Life, We Love Death.” This is not an idle statement. al Qaeda’s philosophy is based on a particularly violent desert militarism. Misery is fertile soil for al Qaeda. Mental misery, moral isolation, alienation, create converts and warriors for al Qaeda. The 9/11 attackers, 3 / 11, the 7 / 7 attackers, the 7 / 21 attackers, were all miserable men. al Qaeda’s world is one where life is not worth living — only the life-after-death is worth living for bin Laden and Zarqawi. al Qaeda wishes others to realize this, so they can live virtuous lives under the Shade of the Korean. al Qaeda grows when it increases the misery in this world, so the paradise in the next seems all the more beautiful.

This creates an internal contradiction: There are five stages to victory: penetration, isolation, subversion (take-over or take-down), reorientation, and reharmonization. al Qaeda’s core competency — isolation — makes every step straight forward except for reharmonization. Even in areas where al Qaeda is able to almost win — like Taliban Afghanistan — al Qaeda has never reharmonzied a population around it. The same tactic that makes al Qaeda strong in the first-half of struggle — increasing worldly misery — makes it very weak in the second half.

In the first half, they can convince men to kill themselves and others by saying beautiful women await them in Paradise:

But in any place al Qaeda takes over, such as Afghanistan, they impose their Koranic laws on population that do not find the laws beautiful. Prohibitions against immodestly uncovered hair or make-up gives al Qaeda all the staying power of radical feminism. Men are not perfect, cannot be perfected, and legal codes that believe morality can be created through vertical controls are doomed to failure.

The greater the fraction of a population al Qaeda rules, the less faithful the al-Qaeda ruled population becomes on average. The less zeal they have for what may await them in decades, after their body whithers. The more they would rather have something now.

There is a limit to the power of ideology to guide any people. The mundane world has mundane problems which pretty words and Mystical Entities will not solve.

As Christian rocker Pedro the Lion wrote, reflecting on the nature of faith

that Jesus said he’d fill my needs,
but my heart still bleeds
he’s just not physical

The Mystical Body of Christ, like the Mystical Shade of the Koran, is not physical.

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