To: "Just Say No" Democrats; From: American People; Subject: "We Don’t Like You"

It’s not just George McGovern the American people dislike

Liberalism: Not Popular

Liberal Democrat (if, like George McGovern, heroic veteran) Paul Hackett has lost to Republican Jean Schmidt. Schmidt’s predecessor, Rob Portman, is now President Bush’s Trade Representative.

The election was interesting to South Dakotans because our leftwing blogs shut down to elect an Ohioan Democrat. (As someone who volunteered in Iowa, I am shocked!) What can I say? I’m happy it didn’t work out for them.

Not that such comments will stop instarevisionism

New Ohio Democratic superstar Paul Hackett went into the lion’s den of pure Red Southern Ohio and scared the pants off of the GOP losing by less than 4 points in the face of a NRCC promise to “bury him.”

No spin – the GOP is on the run.

Congratulations to Southern Ohio Democrats, the Lefty blogs, especially Swing State Project, and Dems everywhere. We have delivered a lesson – Fighting Dems will win the day.

On to 2006, when we take back the Congress.

If Democrats keep “winning” like this, looks like easy days ahead for us Righists. 🙂

Not that the rank and file believe that

The very first comment on Daily Kos began…