Weapon of the Jesus (Hong Kong Student Essay)

A horrifyingly realistic essay from one of Hong Kong’s most vivid writers (hat-tip JY):




Last weekend, At a department store, I went to “SOGO” to bought some seafood. When I arrived “SOGO” and open the door, a a girl said “” then I was very angry and I kick her, but she never dead!! After that, I saw a policemen want to caught me, then I ran into the lift and saw a lifewomen, she asked me “” (this mean “”) then I took out my AK-47 to kill her, and she routed, “RRRRRRRR!!” After few mins, the lift door don’t open, and I saw the ghost ofthe liftwomen. But I’m not afraid, because I’m a wizard (), I used my magic to kill the ghost!! But she is colourless, then I used my “Real Eye” to look for the ghost. And I used my dark power took it to the hell, then the lift’s door. open!!

I saw a monster had a big ass, and I used the laster point make his eye blind, and then, I used the MP-V-to attack him, but he used his ass to ate my attack, he is very strong, metal cannot kill him. Then I thought out the “Weapon of the Jesu”, it’s “KK” (), and I shouted “,!!” Then I kill his ass, and he ranaway. A “SOGO” gave me many money, I was very happy. But when I went home, I find the money is “Hell Bank Note”!! I was very angry, then I used a atomic bomb to kill myself and the other people in H.K.!!

Sadly, none of the papers I’ve graded teaches approached this in awesomeness

Dangers of Online Diet Pill Phentermine (especially when cheap or overnight!)

(In English, en español)

Today, this web site was hit by comment spam. One way to fight comment spam is to work with a free service like MT, and I believe blogspirit does this. Another way to fight comment spam is to tell the truth about products that are sold with comment spam

Today’s link spam was about the “diet pill phentermine” from “cheap diet pill overnight,” who also calls himself “didrex diet pill online.” Here is what the Food and Drug Administration says about that:

Diet Pills

These range from common over the counter appetite suppressants such as phenylpropanolamine, caffeine pills and ephedrine hydrochloride (ephedrine is not an appetite suppressant, though often misused as one – commonly referred to as “white crosses” or “mini thins”) to prescription medications like Redux and Phen/Fen. There are a wide variety of diet pills on the market that are available, many of them have addictive qualities, and some even contain small amounts of laxative.

Diet pills, both over-the-counter and prescription, (as recommended, continuously, or in excess) can cause the following: nervousness, restlessness, insomnia, high blood pressure, fatigue and hyperactivity, heart arrhythmias and palpitations, congestive heart failure or heart attack, stroke, headaches, dry mouth, vomitting and diarrhea or constipation, intestinal disturbances, tightness in chest, tingling in extremities, excessive persperation, dizziness, disruption in mentrual cycle, change in sex drive, hair loss, blurred vision, fever and urinary tract problems. Overdoses can cause tremors, confusion, hallucinations, shallow breathing, renal failure, heart attack and convulsions.

Prescription diet pills like the new and popular Phen/Fen (phentermine/fenfluramine) should never be taken without the written prescription of a doctor. There is an ongoing debate about their effectiveness, and all the health risks and benefits should be weighed. It should only be used in cases of extreme obesity. In addition to the health risks above, taking Phen/Fen increases your chances of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, which is a disease that attacks the lungs, has a poor prognosis, and is fatal. Please Read the special announcement (o lee y actualizate en español) on the dangers of Phen/Fen and its link to valvular heart disease!

Caffeine pills and/or Ephedrine Hydrochloride should never be taken for weight control, and should not be taken continuously. Ephedrine is a medication used occassionally to treat asthma, but more commonly allergies and hayfever – it is a bronchial dialator. Both can cause all the side effects as diet pills, with an increased risk of addiction (both physical and psychological), headaches, high blood pressure and heart palpitations and arrhythmias, including heart attack. Ephedrine use can contribute to psychosis, anxiety and depression.

What is Ephedrine (Cuál es efedrina)
Dangers of Ephedra
U.S. Bans Ephedra

It is also important to keep in mind that any medication, whether prescription or over-the-counter, can interract with other medications causing adverse effects, or decreasing the effectiveness of one or both.

Read more in Englisho en español:

Pastillas para adelgazar

Van desde las comunes, de venta libre como los supresores del apetito, la fenilpropanolamina, pildoras de cafeina y efedrina hidrocloridica (llamadas comunmente “cruces blancas”) hasta los medicamentos bajo receta como Redux y Phen/Fen. Hay una amplia variedad de pildoras adelgazantes disponibles en el mercado, muchas de ellas producen adiccion, y otras contienen pequenas cantidades de laxantes.

Las pastillas adelgazantes, tanto de venta libre como las de venta bajo receta (cuando se recomiendan por periodos continuos o en exceso) pueden causar lo siguiente: Nerviosismo, inquietud, insomnio, presion arterial alta, fatiga e hiperactividad, arritmias cardiacas y palpitaciones, fallo cardiaco congestivo o ataque al corazon, dolores de cabeza, sequedad en la boca, vomitos y diarrea o constipacion, molestias intestinales, opresion en el pecho, se duermen las extremidades, transpiracion excesiva, mareos, irregularidades menstruales, cambios en el deseo sexual, caida del cabello, vision borrosa, fiebre y problemas urinarios. Las sobredosis pueden causar temblores, confusion, alucinaciones, respiracion superficial, fallo renal, ataque cardiaco y convulsiones.

Las pildoras de venta bajo receta como las nueva y populares Phen/Fen (phentermina/ fenfluramina) no deben ser nunca tomadas sin prescripcion medica. Hay un continuo debate acerca de su efectividad, los riesgos y los beneficios para la salud deben ponerse en la balanza. Solo deben utilizarse en casos de extrema obesidad. Ademas de los riesgos para la salud citados anteriormente, Phen/Fen aumenta las posibilidades de sufrir hipertension pulmonar primaria, una enfermedad que ataca a los pulmones, tiene un mal pronostico y es fatal. Por favor, lee y actualizate enterandote de los anuncios especiales acerca de los peligros de Phen/Fen (or in English) y su relacion con la enfermedad de valvula cardiaca!

Las pildoras de cafeina y/o efedrina hidrocloridica nunca deben ser tomadas para controlar el peso, y no deben ser tomadas en forma continua. La efedrina es una medicacion de uso ocasional para el tratamiento del asma, pero mas comunmente utilizada en alergias y fiebre del heno – es un broncodilatador. Ambos pueden causar todos los efectos adversos que causan las pildoras para adelgazar, con un riesgo elevado de crear adiccion (fisica y psicologica), dolores de cabeza, presion arterial alta y palpitaciones y arritmias cardiacas, incluyendo ataque al corazon.

Cuál es efedrina (What is Ephedrine)
Paginación De Lesión Del Ephedra

Tambien es importante tener en cuenta que cualquier medicamento, ya sea con receta o de venta libre, puede interactuar con otros medicamentos causando efectos adversos, o disminuyendo la efectividad de uno o de ambos medicamentos.

(en inglez, In Spanish)

Al Qaeda is Losing (but has a chance on the Euphrates)

Al Qaeda as Warfighting Entity,” by George Friedman, Stratfor Geopolitical Intelligence Report, 2 August 2005, http://junkpolitics.blogspirit.com/archive/2005/08/02/stratfor-geopolitical-intelligence-report-al-qaeda-as-warfig.html.

George Friedman, author of America’s Secret War on geopolitical analyst recently sent out an email looking at the Global War on Terrorism. His conclusion: bin Laden is losing.

First, Friedman writes that the Global War on Terrorism is a real war

Karl von Clausewitz wrote that war is the continuation of politics by other means. In order for the United States to be engaged in a war with al Qaeda, three things seem to be necessary.

  • Al Qaeda must be an entity that is capable of making and enforcing decisions. There can be no war without strategy and tactics, and no strategy and tactics without a command structure.
  • Al Qaeda must have political goals that are in some sense practical. Punishing the infidel is not a political goal: It is not intended to achieve a political outcome, nor is it intended to create or influence regimes.
  • Al Qaeda must have a warfighting strategy that it is pursuing. Its actions must fit into the paradigm of war and make sense from a military standpoint.

In our view, all three of these criteria are met. This does not mean that al Qaeda will or won’t be successful; it simply means that al Qaeda’s behavior can be properly understood in terms of war.

Second, al Qaeda has achievable goals

Al Qaeda also has political goals. Indeed, it differs from prior groups that used terror tactics by the fact that it embarked on the war with political goals. The long-term goal — creating a caliphate encompassing all the lands it deems to be part of the dominion of Islam — was not the immediate goal. Rather, al Qaeda’s immediate goal was to increase the effective Islamist opposition to existing Muslim regimes to force at least one successful uprising. The means toward that end were two-fold: First, to demonstrate in the Muslim world the vulnerability of the United States — the patron of many of these existing regimes — and second, to force a response from the United States that would increase either contempt or effective hostility among Muslims. If the United States refused combat, this would be a sign that it was a paper tiger. If it surged into the Islamic world, this would prove the United States was the enemy. Either way, al Qaeda thought it would win.

Third, al Qaeda’s mistake was assuming that hatred and distrust of America would translate into anti-American attacks

If they made an error, it was only in assuming that genuine anti-Americanism and hatred of local regimes supported by the United States would translate into effective anti-Americanism that could be leveraged to al Qaeda’s advantage. Public sentiment matters in democratic regimes; it doesn’t matter in warfare very much. Consider: Most of Europe hated the Germans and their occupation during World War II. Anti-German feeling was overwhelming. Nevertheless, this did not translate into effective anti-German sentiment. European states were never in a position to overthrow German power. That required an external intervention. In Vietnam, on the other hand, anti-Americanism proved effective: It turned into a warfighting process.

Fourth, the only place al Qaeda has been close to successful has been in the Sunni Arab provinces of Iraq

Where al Qaeda miscalculated was in assuming that sentiment would turn into effective sentiment. Thus far, except in four Sunni provinces in Iraq, that hasn’t happened. But that it didn’t happen was neither pre-ordained nor obvious. Al Qaeda knew what it was doing.

Conclusion: America is winning

At this point, al Qaeda is losing the war from the standpoint of its own strategic goals. No Muslim regime has fallen since Sept. 11, save two — Afghanistan and Iraq — that fell to the United States. The Iraqi resistance showed extreme promise for a very long time, given American miscalculations. Anti-Americanism had turned effective. However, the shifting calculus among the Sunni elders has threatened to undermine support for al Qaeda’s man in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and the Sunni nationalist insurgency — onto which al Qaeda has clamped parasitically — has been in danger of disruption. This, coupled with serious breaches in al Qaeda’s global system, forced the group into a desperate counteroffensive.

The Euphrates War truly is the central front in the Global War on Terrorism.