Unlimited Executive Power is Mine!!!

My campaign speech:

“While I have no experience in Hall Government, I will not allow my incompetence and naivte to prevent my administration from being a swamp of incompetence and corruption. I promise a reign of tyranny and an inevitable recall.”

The result:

tdaxp is the new President of his dorm!

The President hereby declares that He has unlimited life-and-death power over the residents of Husker Hall.

I’m the freakin pater familias, baby!

5 thoughts on “Unlimited Executive Power is Mine!!!”

  1. Sounds like you just beat out Groucho Marx πŸ˜‰ (Recently watched Duck Soup – trying to picture you with a moustache and cigar.) Are you handing out ministerial positions yet?

  2. It is humorous how the quality of tdaxp has gone from OK (back in December) to, if I may say so, very good (the 5GW posts, the Christianity Assymetrical War posts), to college trivia (Hall President!) πŸ™‚

    The election came down to one vote, and my opponent's speech was basically “I have worked with Residence Hall government for years, and was previously a President twice. I can wisely allocate funds for our general use while safely navigating inter-Hall politics” and mine was as cited πŸ™‚

    The President of the Hall is also the Senator from the Hall, but I delegated that position to Jody in exchange for her vote. The Secretary and Treasurer are also in the clique (the Sec. is one of the fellow “Squatters,” the Treas. gave me the new All-American Rejects CD I'm listening right now).

    I've had a request to name someone the Hall Poet Lauriet, so I'll try to do that.

    No less than three people have called for a coup. The Treasurer (in my own cabinet!) has called for a “circle of revolutionaries” to save the Hall, while one of the Residents cryptically greated me with “Good evening, President Allende.”

    The only solution is to declare Martial Law…

    or even /Martian/ law πŸ™‚

  3. At least there isnÒ€ℒt a button in your office that you can press that would reign down hellfire and brimstone on the unsuspecting masses who have not pledged their loyalty to you and your regime.

    In time, outside parties may wish to begin negotiations with other halls suck as Harper, Schramm and Smith Halls incase regime change becomes necessary within the boundaries of Husker Hall.

  4. Curzon, lol πŸ™‚

    Of the closest circle of friends here, three of us already have a graduate degree. Whether it is burnout, experience, social maturation at a frighteningly late age, whatever, I've heard “Wow! This is how the cool kids went through undergrad! This is awesome!”

    Graduate Grognard Freshmanship r0x0r5 d00d!!111

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