Cognition & Instruction in the Context of Human Struggle

The most useful and interesting class I am taking is not even in my major, and I may not be able to continue taking it. But EDPS 854: Human Cognition & Instruction is crazy-useful.

Below are my notes for the latest lecture, where the processor’s comments are interposed with my own:

Cognition and Instruction

Three Learning Perspectives
Behaviorism — establishment’s center
Cognition — insurgency’s center
Social Cognition — zone of contestment

Model: ( S1 – [ R ) – S2 ] (stimulus – response and response – feedback)
“change implicit guidance & control”
strategy: repitition & reinforcement
mammalian / vertical thought

Model: S1 – (COGNITION) – R – S2
“rearrange the minds”
build mental pictures
“remember ‘Dover, Delaware’ by thinking of Don DeLoise releasing Doves in his Underwear'”
human / horizontal thought

Social Cognition
“change in mental associations”
Model: (S1) – R – S2 (focus on Observation)
mimickery as learning
strategy: students oberve others interacting
observe someone else’s reinforcement
human / verticla thought (?)

Types of Attention

Automatic: Pre-Attention
Selective: Focul Attention

– taking in information and perform a task automatically
– rearrange minds, exploit implicit guidance & control
– enables fast OODA cycling
– relation to fingertip-feeling

Spectrum of Thought (?)
<--- automaticity ---- fingertip-feeling --- comprehension --->