Tridentine Indult Latin Mass Roman Catholic Churches of Lincoln, Nebraska

Listing of Latin Mass Churches and Communities in the USA and Canada,” compiled by
Mater Dei Latin Mass Community, Mater Dei, 23 September 2005,

From a friend, not independently verified (yet):

Address: 555 South 70th Street, 68510
Diocese: Lincoln
Mass Time – Sun: 11:30 AM.
Mass Time – Tue: 9:00 AM.
Mass Time – Sat: 9:00 AM.

Address: 1145 South St., 68502
Diocese: Lincoln
Mass Time – Sun: 10:00 AM.
Mass Time – Mon: 7:15 AM.
Mass Time – Tue: 7:15 AM.
Mass Time – Wed: 7:15 AM.
Mass Time – Thu: 7:15 AM.
Mass Time – Fri: 7:15 AM.
Mass Time – Sat: 7:15 AM.
Contact : Fr. Karl Pincus, FSSPs
~~~~ Fr. Chad Ripperger FSSPs
~~~~ 3400 South 17th Streets
~~~~ Lincoln, NEs
~~~~ 68502
Pho (402) 477-5145
Fax (402) 477-5159

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