Suleymanya Iraqi Women Praising President Bush

Omar at Iraq the Model…,” by persialover, Free Thoughts, 16 October 2005, (from Dr. Sanity via Larwyn).

A picutre that isn’t too meaningful in itself, but so many people talk about a non-existent Iraqi insurgency that it is important to show that Iraqis are with us. There is a Sunni Arab or Euphrates River Insurgency, but that is in a small portion of the country by a small portion of the population.

Sulaymania Women Holding up a Photograph of President Bush

Long live the Free Iraq.

Hyperspatial Religion (Horizontal and Vertical Force in the Context of Theology and Globalization)

Commentary on Robb’s Op-ed,” by Thomas Barnett, Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog, 15 October 2005,

History is What Happens When the MSM is Busy Covering Other News,” by Gagdad Bob, One Cosmos, 15 October 2005, (from Larwyn).

Hypercube, by Stefan Krobath

Coincidentally, two differnet perspectives on the horizontal and the vertical on the same day. Both worth while.

From Thomas PM Barnett

Remember, super-empowered individuals can rule vertical scenarios temporarily, but it takes states, and all their resources, to rule horizonatal ones. In short, don’t confuse disruption capacity with rule-making capacity. To believe the former rules all is to engage in what that battle-tested revolutionary, V.I. Lenin, called the child-like belief that the right bomb in the right place at the right time changes everything. Modeling ourselves on OBL’s and Al Qaeda’s infantilism isn’t the answer. Building the bigger open-source net is. This is my A-to-Z rule set on processing politically bankrupt states.

From One Cosmos

In many ways, Fukuyama was simply updating the classical liberal idea of history. It may be contrasted with the post-modern view of historical meaninglessness, which in turn, is actually similar to primitive cosmologies, which either view the cosmos as a cyclical process of “eternal return,” or as a degenerate process of departure and increasing distance from an idyllic past. Only with the Hebrew approach to history did mankind begin to discern a “direction” in history, and with it, a sense of history’s purpose. That is, for the first time, history was seen as trying to “get somewhere,” and was looked upon as somehow interacting with Something on a “vertical” plane–a trans-subjective force which both intervened in history and drew human beings toward it.

Later, Christianity would develop an explicitly “logoistic” theory of history, seeing a literal descent of this vertical power into the stream of horizontal time, so as to forge a concrete link between the vertical and horizontal–betwen time and eternity. To say that “God became man” or “Word became flesh” is just another way of saying that the vertical, that is, the ultimate, timeless ground, outside time and anterior to manifestation, poured itself into material form and chronological time–not just in a single human being, but in humanity. Only humans can serve as a bridge between the higher and lower planes that are manifest in the outward flow of history. Indeed, this is our purpose: to nurture and grow the seed of eternity in the womb of time. (This is not dissimilar to the Jewish concept of Tikkun–of participating in the repair and completion of God’s creation.)

I need to think these thoughts through, and I think Larwyn for brining the OC post to my attention. Just let it be sadi that OC’s womb of time sounds like the Frictional Sea, that saying the x and y axes is a slice of the product of God is a very Euclidean geometric approach to theology, and that Barnett’s theory of globalization would imply that man and society are both perspectives of just a few slices of a hyper-dimensional reality.

American Warship Enters Chinese Waters

US Warship Arrives In China For Visit,” SpaceWar, 13 September 2005, (from Life from the FNDF).

A nice complement to an older story about an American warship docking at Saigon:

A top grade US guided missile destroyer arrived at one of China’s main ports Tuesday as part of efforts by the two countries to increase military-to-military exchanges.

The Guest of the People’s Republic

The USS Curtis Wilbur, an Arleigh Burke class Aegis guided missile destroyer will spend several days at Qingdao, a key port of China’s North Fleet, officials said.

The Host Port

“This is an opportunity for the US personnel to meet their counterparts in the People’s Liberation Army navy,” US navy officials said.

“The port call will provide the crew of more than 300 sailors aboard USS Curtis Wilbur a chance for sightseeing and cultural exchanges [and comparisons of rations — tdaxp].”

American Sailors, Capitalist Flags

The USS Curtis Wilbur is deployed to the Western Pacific and operates out of Yokosuka, Japan.

It is part of the Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier group.

The destroyer is equipped with the Aegis Combat System which integrates the ship’s sensors and weapons systems to engage anti-ship missile threats.

This is one reason why America is a better partner for China than Europe. We can sail to China. Hundreds of years after Columbus, the European navies can’t.