Hypocritical Liberal Puritans

Arnold’s ‘Harriet Miers Moment’: Has Gov. Schwarzenegger jumped the shark?,” by John Fund, Opinion Journal, 5 December 2005, http://www.opinionjournal.com/diary/?id=110007637 (from The Corner).

One of the reasons I am a registered Republican is the big-government morality of the Democrat Party. This ranges from the perhaps wise, like Hillary Clinton’s protection for religions in the work force, to the questionable, such as Cherry Cayabyab’s sexual dinner plate regulations,


to the dumb, like Charles Schumer’s attack on video games, to the idiotic:

One of the victims of that ruthlessness was Bruce Herschensohn, who in 1992 was the GOP candidate for U.S. senator against Barbara Boxer. Four days before the election, the Field Poll showed Mr. Herschensohn only one point behind. But that day Bob Mulholland, Ms. Kennedy’s political director, confronted Mr. Herschensohn by parading down the aisle at a campaign appearance holding a giant poster of a strip club and shouting, “Should the voters of California elect someone who frequently travels the strip joints of Hollywood?” Reporters seized on the story. Mr. Herschensohn admitted he and his girlfriend had gone to a strip club once with another couple. Enough social conservatives stayed home to give Ms. Boxer a five-point victory.

And who was the mastermind of this puritan scheme?

Socially-liberal Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new Chief of Staff, socially-liberal Democrat .


I guess she doesn’t like either.