1 Year of tdaxp

In the spirit of Coming Anarchy‘s recent anniversary post, I am proud to announce that tdaxp is now one year old. Spawned by Aaron, the first post on “US Public Schools — Still Terrible” was submitted at 9:00 in the morning of December 7, 2004. This blog began when I needed something to do after finishing my thesis. Since then, it has taken on a life of its own. While my numbers aren’t as impressive as some other blogs’

How popular is tdaxp? Blogspirit‘s stats
How popular is tdaxp? Sitemeter‘s stats

I am very, very, very proud of my readership. Well, most of it. Can’t say I enjoyed the visits from the Muslim fundamentalists who threatened to kill me, or . But as the jihadis didn’t threaten to sue me, they probably were nicer about it. (Thanks to Bill, Mark, Curzon, Sibby, and everyone else for help on that, by the way).

And glad when readers come in through google for specific questions. The two biggest google referrers for this blog are:

Which attractive somewhat different audiences.

My problem writing this post is that I have too many good memories from blogging to list. It’s been a blast. And let’s keep it until the Senate is directly elected by the blogs! 🙂

PS: Vote for Coming Anarchy, Freakonomics, Riding Sun, SimonWorld, The Corner, and ZenPundit for Best Blogs!