A Teaser and a Song

Sorry for the recent problems with . In apology, please accept a teaser and a song

The teaser:


The song (Happy RxMas & a Whole Lotta Love):

George W. Bush: “At this hour
the world is witnessing terrible suffering and horrible crimes
in the Darfur region of Sudan
Crimes my government has concluded are genocide
The human cost is beyond calculation
I call on the government of Sudan
to honor the ceasefire it signed
and to help prevent further bloodshed
I call upon Congress:
More troops are need
to protect the innocent
We need to intervene now, before it’s too late
In the long run, the tragedy in western Sudan requires a settlement
between the government and the rebels
All sides must control their forces
end the killing
and negotiate a peace of a suffering land.”

And yes, they are related.

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